Moso Power supply officially became the agent of us sl Power in mainland China

by:MOSO     2020-02-28
Warmly congratulate moso Power supply on officially becoming an agent in mainland China of SL Power in the United States! SL power is a subsidiary of SL Group. SL Group is a superior high reliability power supply provider in the world, its products are widely used in motion control, medical electronic protection equipment, aerospace, computers, data storage, industrial control, network communication, transportation and other industries. SL Power Electronics represents the combination of Ault and Condor, which have more than 30 years of superior experience in their respective fields. Among them, Ault's product line includes industrial standard linear power supply, high efficiency AC- DC power supply, adapter and other products, product power from 1 to 1200 W; Condor is a world-recognized provider of high-quality medical, communications and industrial power supplies, and its products include AC- DC switching power supply and linear power supply, with output power ranging from 7W to 6000 W. Set of both Ault and Condor, SL Power Electronics provides more than 1000 models of Power products, from AC- DC switching power supply to linear power supply, external desktop switching power supply, power adapter, Ethernet power supply (PoE) Feeders, AC transformers and battery chargers, etc. Their products are widely used in medical, industrial, instrumentation, computer peripherals, PoE, communication markets and other fields.
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