Moso launch DMX512 DALI controller

by:MOSO     2020-03-05
DMX512 protocol LED dimmer is widely used for lighting projects, these dimmers factory many, there are many types and high selectivity, the price is relatively cheap. In some large DMX512 lighting project, in order to optimize the project scheme, need some occasions access DALI protocol decoding dimmer, so we developed a DMX512 protocol DALI protocol converter, can meet the engineering requirements, reach agreement transparent transmission. A converter can convert 64 addresses biggest, equivalent to 64 independent address DMX512 protocol LED dimmer. A. Product features Ø imported high-performance CPU design, low power consumption, stable and reliable in performance. Ø DMX512 signal light transparent transmission for the DALI protocol transform, automatically converts DMX512 linear dimming curve to DALI logarithmic dimming curve; Ø DMX512 protocol with the DMX512 - A standard; Ø DALI protocol IEC62386 standards, good compatibility; DALI Ø support single address, group, radio ( All) Mode conversion; Ø support maximum 64 addresses signal, can be in 1 - 64 scope any Settings; Ø support 35 mm guide rail type installation. 2. The main technical indicators: Ø power supply voltage: DC12V - 24 v Ø: power consumption & lt; = 10 w Ø DALI interface: current & lt; 2 ma Ø occupy DMX512 bus address number: 1 - 64 Ø manually address range: 1 - 512 ( 1) corresponding to the DALI address Ø DALI refresh rate: 30 ms x conversion channel number Ø working temperature: - 20 ℃ ~ 75 ℃ Ø relative humidity: 10 - 90% Ø weight: 100 g. Instructions: converter has a light is used to indicate a working state RUN: according to the working state of the gateway, the normal work, shining with 1 second frequency; Before using this converter, must adopt relevant equipment debugging tools to DALI DALI host assigned address and set parameters, can be normal use. Note: when using must understand the DMX512 and DALI speed difference and applications. DMX512 baud rate is 250 KBPS, and DALI baud rate is 1200 BPS, a frame data refresh only one address lighting values, each frame data need to 19, at the same time frame and need to rest more than 14 ms time between frames, so each DALI address brightness values about 30 ms updates need to consume time, this converter DALI refresh rate of 30 ms x conversion channel number. Such as set up conversion channel to 64, then the refresh rate of 30 * 64 = 1920 ms, which is about 2 seconds time to refresh all the brightness value again. On some occasions, fast dynamic changes of this converter is not suitable for use. But you can choose according to actual application group or broadcast mode conversion, the refresh rate can be improved.
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