Moso launch control more DALI light Easy DALI dimming system

by:MOSO     2020-03-05
Control more DALI lights, use Easy lighting control DALI DALI adjustable optical-intensity system as intelligent lighting international standard bus protocol, widely used in indoor lighting. DALI bus hanging up to 64 devices, contains 16 groups and 16 scene at the same time, and with multiple parameters can be set up functions, is the setting of these parameters using DALI application more flexible, more easily adapted to the needs of different situations, and DALI lamps and lanterns to achieve parameter Settings need to have a DALI host to complete, a large lighting control project, may need to control hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands of DALI lighting, then need to have control over 64 lamp DALI system, we therefore CTT - is developed DLM - DALI host 1 f type, and is equipped with EasyDALI operating software, powerful, widely used in lighting engineering, at the same time, the host model with RS485 bus expansion connection DALI gateway function, can control more light. Product features: Ø with RS232 communication interface. Ø support a DALI bus, most allowed to connect 64 Ø DALI lighting equipment adopts industrial-grade RS485 bus as secondary expansion bus, photoelectric isolation, distance of up to 1200 meters ( Access RS485 repeater, can extend the communication distance) ; Ø extensible link a maximum of 250 sets of DALI gateway, each gateway can access 64 sets of lighting equipment, can be controlled more than 16000 separate DALI lighting equipment; Ø scanning equipment, conform to the requirements of the DALI protocol automatically assigned, has three assigned address; Ø can realize to radio equipment, group or single address control operation; Ø can set/read DALI protocol parameters all the parameters in the table; Ø can realize grouping set/read; Ø can realize scene set/read; Ø addressing function; Ø gateway condition monitoring function; Ø with functions of the brightness of the light and condition monitoring; Ø cycle has a week schedule sequential control function, to achieve timing lights/scene change; Ø with DALI POWER independent output interface, compatibility is more flexible. Equipment main technical indicators: EasyDALI software with functions of control and monitoring light condition; With functions of equipment resource management; Have a week of light timing control management functions and four sequential control function and an emergency lighting control function; Can control 16000 DALI lighting. Models of CTT - Computer hardware requirements: CPU: more than 1 g, the RMA: above 1 g, more than 50 g hard drive, and is equipped with a 100 MB card, operating system WindosXP above computer RS232 communication interface product size 153 mm x 197 mm x 24 mm - operating temperature 10-20 ~ 70 ℃ relative humidity 90% weight 50 gdali Master main controller has the function of interactive data with computer software; With functions of extension RS485 interface; Have the ability to control 64 DALI lighting; Built-in DALI PS; Models of CTT - DLM - 1 f voltage DC24V ( The factory default with guide rail adapter) Power consumption & lt; 10 w input interface RS232 output interface to DALI, DALI RS485 communication distance: 300 m; RS485:1200 mdali interface driver ability 64 DALI lighting product size 117 mm x 72 mm x 26 mm - operating temperature 10-20 ~ 70 ℃ relative humidity 90% weight of 150 g DALI Gateway extension controller specific RS485 bus and DALI bus to exchange data function; Can control 64 lighting ballasts; Built-in DALI PS; Have four independent sequential control function; Models of CTT - DLGW - R DC24V voltage ( The factory default guide with adapter) Power consumption & lt; 10 w input output interface RS485 interface 1 set of DALI DALI communication distance: 300 m DALI interface driver ability 64 lighting product size 117 mm x 72 mm x 26 mm - operating temperature 10-20 ~ 70 ℃ relative humidity 90% of 150 g in weight
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