Moso introduced intelligent RS232 serial port DALI gateway controller

by:MOSO     2020-03-05
Yuan hao launched smart intelligent RS232 serial port DALI DALI gateway controller as the international standard bus protocol of intelligent lighting, widely used in indoor lighting. DALI bus hanging up to 64 devices, contains 16 groups and 16 scene at the same time, and with multiple parameters can be set up functions, is the setting of these parameters using DALI application more flexible, more easily adapted to the needs of different occasions. And DALI lamps and lanterns to achieve parameter Settings need to have a DALI host to complete, and control the number of lights far more than 64 units, more convenient to DALI lighting control system integration, we therefore CTT - was developed DLGW - T DALI dimming gateway, using the RS232 interface and MODBUS industrial bus protocol command, powerful functions, is widely used in lighting engineering, lighting system integration, such as hotels and office buildings. 产品特点具有一条DALI总线控制输出,可管理64个DALI地址设备; 内含三种分配地址方式算法,符合DALI协议自动地址分配要求; 可实现对设备进行广播,组或单地址控制操作; 可以设置/读取DALI协议参数表中的参数; 可以实现分组设置/读取; 可以实现场景值设置/读取; 具有独立DALI POWER输出接口,兼容性更灵活; RS232接口具有光电隔离防雷保护; 采用MODBUS工业总线通信协议,提供开放性协议直接与现有控制系统集成; 可以实现与EasyDALI软件平台扩展,关联控制; 支持35mm导轨式安装. 24 V/2A功耗:. 主要技术指标:供电电压: < =10WDALI电源输出: mARS232接口参数: ~255,0为广播地址工作温度:- ,8,N,2RS232地址范围: 0 9600 250 20 ℃~75℃相对湿度:10- 90 %重量:100g三. 操作说明:通讯传送方式 - - - - - - - - - - - - - Compatible with Modbus RTU code byte code 11 ( A byte) Start bit binary 1 bit of data a 8 bit parity bit ( No) Stop bit bit baud rate: 9600 frame structure definition: address code function code data area CRC check code 1 byte 1 byte N 2 the function of the device response codes are: 0 x03, 0 x06, 0 x10. Working state RX: it means the RS232 interface communication receiving state; TX: RS232 interface communication delivery status; RUN: it means the working state of the gateway, the normal work, shining with 1 second frequency; ALRAM: bright said DALI power over current/short circuit protection.
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