Moso belt you know what is Dali dimming control system

by:MOSO     2020-03-06
Yuan hao will take you to see what is Dali Dali dimming control system as the adjustable optical-intensity system intelligent lighting international standard bus protocol, widely used in indoor lighting. DALI dimming system bus hanging up to 64 devices, contains 16 groups and 16 scene at the same time, and with multiple parameters can be set up functions, is the setting of these parameters using DALI application more flexible, more easily adapted to the needs of different occasions. And DALI lamps and lanterns is applied more and more widely, and the need to control the number of more and more. From our experience is the customer don't know the composition of DALI system, a lot of people think that is a product, only do not understand what is the concept of system, the following a readout for everyone. Say the first part of the DALI control system. By the picture above you can see, DALI an essential part of the adjustable optical-intensity system is: the host bus power supply + + from the host machine: that we often say that the encoder, specific to the actual application products, generally have a DALI host, DALI gateway, the DALI, DALI sensors, DALI touch screen = =, these devices are the characteristics that can make a common DALI commands. The eldest brother roles in the system, can speak first. From machine: that we often say the decoder, specific to the actual product application, generally for the DALI ballast, DALI adjustable light power supply and DALI drive, DALI relay = =, the common features of these devices is, cannot make a DALI command, only to receive DALI commands, if requested to answer it, to make a response data. The younger brother roles in the system, only listen to your eldest brother, eldest brother told him to do, he can do. Bus power supply: this many clients do not understand, there is a what thing, sometimes mistaken for the LED power supply ( Many people say DALI power supply on the market, said is including DALI interface LED power supply, and now we're talking about product doesn't matter. ) Simple said, this equipment is to DALI bus power supply, provide current use. Yes, DALI bus is need electricity, can use the multimeter to measure the voltage range in DC10 - 22 v is normal ( A data transmission, the voltage fluctuation. ) , every DALI device interfaces need to consume current, in some low power devices, can be directly in the DALI bus take electricity use, such as DALI key, DALI sensor = =. If you see in the system, don't have the equipment, it should be set to the encoder, a dual function of the encoder products. As our DALI Master, DALI Gateway, the Control Unit controller to DALI PS collection to the product. Now you should understand that DALI dimming system formed? At present our company has successfully developed 4 sets for different application requirements of DALI intelligent dimming control system. How to choose a the most suitable for their application of DALI system? In order to make everybody more intuitive understanding of the four sets of DALI control system of intelligent dimmer distinction, we made the following the parameter list:
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