Moso and the Olympics jointly ignite passion and convey dreams

by:MOSO     2020-02-26
May 8 will be another day of special significance for Shenzhen in the 365 days. The Olympic flame was successfully passed through the city's people's fiery passion. The 40-kilometer road was crowded with people along the road, local citizens, guests at home and abroad, business enterprises in Shenzhen and other people from all walks of life have expressed their blessings to the Olympics in different ways. At this moment, moso power is conveying its support and blessing to China and the Olympics with its feelings as always. The Olympic torch came to Shenzhen from Guangzhou, which made the moso people feel excited. Every employee is very concerned about the torch relay process, and the speech is very enjoyable with the atmosphere of the on-site transmission. The 2008 Beijing Olympics showed the world China's development and the image of Chinese enterprises.
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