Method for improving high temperature rise of transformer in switching power adapter Shenzhen moso technology

by:MOSO     2020-02-15
The development and design of a switching power adapter to use, not only to consider the appearance is beautiful, engineers also have to consider the rationality of the structure of the switching power adapter, in the process of work, it is also necessary to strictly control the value of its temperature rise range, so as to avoid the decrease of the working efficiency of the switching power adapter caused by the excessive temperature. In the process of using the switching power adapter, there are two main aspects of the high temperature of the power supply product. One is the MOS tube, and the second is the design of the power supply itself. Then we will analyze from these two points, see how to solve the temperature rise problem of switching power adapter. First of all, we analyze from the MOS tube. Generally, in the design process of switching power supply, the heat generation of MOS tube is the most serious, because its loss is the most serious, and the loss of MOS tube mainly has two points, first, the on-state loss, the second point is the switching process loss, the switching process loss is caused by the gate charge size and switching time, then how to solve it? We can use electronic components with faster speed and shorter recovery time to reduce the loss in the switching process. As for the problem of on-state loss, we can use the switch of bottom on-state resistance to reduce its loss. Of course, better design can also reduce losses, which depends on the level of engineers. Secondly, we have analyzed the problems of the transformer itself. Generally, there are four main points that lead to high temperature and scalding of the transformer. 1. Problem of winding process 2. Copper loss 3. Transformer iron loss 4. Transformer power is too small, we can solve it from these four points. In addition to these situations, there is actually another possibility that transformers are aging. More switching power adapter problems, you can pay attention to the power adapter manufacturers, Shenzhen moso Technology Co. , Ltd.
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