LYTSwitch with PowiGaN technology- 6 LED driver IC provides excellent power density and efficiency

by:MOSO     2019-12-19

LYTSwitch™ of Power Integrations- 6 Series, safe and isolated LED driver IC adds new high power density members, and the new device adopts PI-specific PowiGaN™Technology. In intelligent lighting and ballast applications, its output power can reach 110 W and conversion efficiency is 94%.

high efficiency can eliminate heat sink, reduce the size and weight of ballast, and reduce the requirements for air cooling environment around the driver. The new IC still retains LYTSwitch- The inherent advantages of fast dynamic response and the like can provide excellent cross adjustment rate for parallel LED lamp strings, and does not need additional secondary voltage stabilizing circuits, and also supports flicker-free system operation. These advantages can ensure easier implementation using pulse width modulation (PWM)Dimming application of interface.

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