LYTSwitch of Power Integrations-4 LED driver IC product series added

by:MOSO     2019-12-27
Optimized performance is more suitable for Asian and European lighting markets; Can provide excellent dimming

Power Integrations company today introduced a series of new devices suitable for high voltage applications, here, LYTSwitch™- 4 LED driver IC product series is available. LYTSwitch- The 4 IC can provide accurate output current and high efficiency for bulb and lamp applications and industrial miner's lamp lighting. The device can not only simplify the design and reduce the cost, but also ensure that the lighting lamp provides consistent light output and excellent performance in SCR dimming applications.

LYTSwitch-4 IC adopts PFC and constant current (CC) Combined single-stage converter topology, so the power factor can exceed 0. 95, the efficiency is above 90%. The design based on the new driver can easily meet EN61000-3-Total harmonic distortion of 2C (THD) Standard, the design can provide THD below 10% after optimization. Under the load range and production environment, the adjustment rate is better /- 5%, thus reducing the need for over-design and easily meeting the minimum brightness target value, thus reducing the system cost. The device has a high switching frequency (132 kHz) In this way, smaller and cheaper cores can be used in the design, and frequency jitter technology can also reduce EMI filtering requirements. The combination of these factors enables the LED driver design to be easily loaded into bulbs with limited space.

Andrew Smith, senior product marketing manager of Power Integrations, said: Due to LYTSwitch- The 4 LED driver IC has both high efficiency and excellent dimming performance, so this series of ICS has been popular since the initial introduction of low voltage devices. Even when used in conjunction with front and rear edge silicon controlled dimmers and with lower conduction angles, the power supply design still conforms to nema ssl-7 Standard. The start-up speed of the driver is very fast, usually less than 500 milliseconds. Even when the light output is turned on less than 10%, the start-up speed is also very fast, and the sudden brightening phenomenon is virtually eliminated.

designers can evaluate the latest LYTSwitch using the high voltage LED lighting reference design we recently developed with Cree-4 LED driver IC product series. DER- 396 introduces a PAR38 spotlight LED driver design.

using LYTSwitch IC can design lighting lamps with smaller volume and longer service life, and its application range is very wide, including consumer bulbs, commercial lighting and T8 lamps, industrial lighting, industrial lighting and outdoor lighting. LYTSwitch devices can also provide all the common safety functions of Power Integrations products, including overvoltage, overcurrent and overheat protection. In addition, LYTSwitch devices do not require optocouplers or large-capacity electrolytic capacitors, which can reduce the number of components and improve reliability. High voltage LYTSwitch-4 IC now uses eSIP-7C (E)And eSIP-7F (L) The package provides samples, and the unit price per piece is 0 based on the order quantity of 10,000 pieces. $58 (Non-dimming)To 0. $62 (Dimming).

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