LYTSwitch compatible with 3-in-1 and DALI dimming-6 LED driver design

by:MOSO     2019-12-25

dynamic brightness control is one of the important features of the rapidly developing LED lighting market. Although almost all LED lamp sources have dimming function, they still need technologically advanced high-quality LED drivers to ensure compatibility with various dimming protocols.

Power Integrations released a new design example report (DER-740) This is a 29 W flyback LED driver compatible with both three-in-one dimming and DALI dimming. The driver uses the powerful LYTSwitch- 6 Safety isolated LED driver IC. Since the IC can provide accurate constant current adjustment rate and fast dynamic load response, the driver can support various dimming protocols through a simple two-wire interface.

advanced driver technology can achieve high efficiency and use very few components, while providing fully tuned functions through a three-in-one dimming circuit, including 0-10 V dimming, resistive dimming (0-100 kΩ)Or PWM signal dimming (300-3 kHz)And through a Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI)Achieve 100% to 0% dimming.

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