LYTSwitch-6 LED driver-Suitable for intelligent lighting

by:MOSO     2020-01-14

LYTSwitch- 6 Safety isolated LED driver IC can provide 65 W flicker-free output, with efficiency as high as 94% and standby power as low as 15 mW. LYTSwitch- The 6 Series IC is designed for household and commercial lighting and thin ceiling Groove lamp applications. It not only has fast dynamic response performance, but also is easy to connect pulse width modulation (PWM)Dimming interface.

LYTSwitch- The 6 Series IC can greatly simplify the development and manufacture of off-line LED drivers, especially those with compact housings or power supplies that need to meet high efficiency requirements. LYTSwitch- The architecture of 6 is extremely innovative because the device integrates both primary and secondary controllers, detection elements and feedback mechanisms conforming to safety standards into a single IC.

due to better consistency of component parameters and innovative adoption of integrated communication link FluxLink, therefore, the secondary side synchronous rectifier MOSFET can be accurately controlled and the primary side integrated high voltage MOSFET can be quasi-resonant switched, thus maintaining high efficiency in the whole load range.

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