Limited demand growth in the communications power market

by:MOSO     2020-02-19
The demand growth of the communication power supply market is limited, but from the longer-term development trend analysis, the communication power supply will usher in a small climax in the next 2 years. For the communication power supply, the buyer is not the telecom operator, and there is a huge market for telecom facilities. Power can not be ignored no matter for the operators who provide telecommunication services, or for the enterprises that make facilities research and development, processing and assembly. China is a world-famous manufacturing base, which objectively creates a strong market pillar for the power supply industry, which will undoubtedly help the communication power supply industry to successfully pass the winter of the market. Although for the communication power supply facilities, some dust intrusion will not affect the function of the source facilities, but when the facilities are placed outdoors, the dust intrusion is much more serious. Too much dust invasion will affect the service life or function of the industry. Especially in northern China, sandstorms occur from time to time. If industries are likely to be attacked by sandstorms, dust prevention measures must be taken. Dust is seamless, so dust prevention is closely related to the structure and packaging measures of industrial cabinets. The operating efficiency of the rectifier module is about 90%, and the Inverter Module (UPS) The operation efficiency of DC/DC module is above 80%, and the storage battery will generate heat when charging or discharging, which means 10% ~ 20% of the energy must be distributed outward in the form of thermal energy. There are two ways for outdoor communication power supply system industry to dissipate heat outward: ventilation and heat dissipation and shell heat dissipation. Therefore, the design of the cabinet can be basically in two ways: closed and air-cooled. Thank you for browsing our website. If you are interested in the communication power industry sold by our company, please remind you: you can call our service line to link more details of related industries, our operators will do their best to serve you.
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