Lighting intelligent control problem solving

by:MOSO     2020-03-10
Lighting control system how? System mainly host and single lamp controller of two parts inside the single lamp controller module, electric power carrier through the power line communication with the host, the collected each point voltage current signal to the host, the host through GPRS to the server, to every street lamp, in order to understand and control the unified deployment. Single light controller working principle and control? Single lamp controller installed in the bottom of the each light pole or at the top of the chimney. Responsible for the control of single road or street lamp head electric source and the switch of each lamp holder. Run data collected and uploaded to the concentrator by means of power line carrier of the host. Mainly controlled by ATMAL32, carrier of module and control module. Every single light controller has a unique address, the address and number corresponding to the light pole. So you can easily through the monitoring center of GIS map location to the location of the controller. Thus corresponding operation in the main controller can realize every single lights on one, two bright one, put out slow lane lamp holder, late-night lower brightness and other energy-saving control. Transmission principle of lighting control console? Each host transformer cabinet need to install a communication. Fault or state is mainly responsible for collecting information and report to the monitoring center. And we can according to the monitoring center open to turn off the lights and dimmer operation command. Including micro controller using the ARM7 series of STM32F103 chips. Run UCOS2 operating system, the main complete street lamp condition or fault of the carrier sent up, packaging, processing of data. Measured every line to complete the processing of the information such as the current, and assembling a processed data through GPRS module to the main monitoring center, to get the data by remote. The principle of controlled by mobile phone app? The server is a cell phone information, and then directly connected to pass data to the monitoring center. The monitoring center is across the street lamp monitoring system operation, maintenance, processing, statistics, analysis and supervision center. The monitoring center through GPRS to communicate with the server or other network, maintenance or the issuance of the host control instruction to communication, query the measurement data, branch or single lamp state, etc.
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