LED switching power supply to choose and use the matters needing attention

by:MOSO     2020-03-18
Takeaway: LED switching power supply high frequency is its development direction, high frequency, the miniaturization of switch power supply, switching power supply and to enter into a wider range of applications, especially in the high and new technology in the field of application, promoted the high-tech products of miniaturization, light change. In addition the development and application of switch power supply in the aspect of saving energy, saving resources and protecting the environment has important significance. So when choosing and using LED switching power supply should pay attention to what? 1, led switching power supply before leaving the factory with resistance load, such as the need for capacitive or inductive load, is to be explained beforehand in order. More than 2, collects the leakage current: the power when use, common intake at the same place, the leakage current is made up of each unit leakage current addition, to check the reliability of the protective earthing line and grounding resistance is achieved, from electric shock. 3, to achieve full heat dissipation effect, typically installed in air convection condition good position or installed on the chassis shell by shell will come out hot. 4, for power FG not grounded users, hand to touch the shell or hemp electricity output feel belong to normal phenomenon, when float to FG on earth there are about 110 v alternating current output, this is the power structure. 5, the metal shell power cord with general shell and ground ( FG) Connection, to be reliable grounding, in order to ensure safety, do not mistake the shell on the zero line. 6, the definition of the input AC power input power = output power/( The input voltage power factor * * efficiency) 。 7, for dual output symmetry with load, preferable symmetry output power. 8, switching power supply for high power LED, usually has three or more than three & other; +” The input terminals and & other - - - - - - ” Output terminals, in fact, they belong to a single output electrodes, just for the sake of users convenient wiring, and multiple terminals respectively in the internal and connect together. 9, before installing the electric test run, please check again and check the attachment of terminal blocks, convinced that the input and output, ac and dc, single phase, multiphase and the positive and negative, such as voltage and current value right, can operate. The above data compilation source from Internet! ( Judgment remain neutral to the statement, views, not contained in the accuracy, reliability or completeness of the contents provide any express or implied warranty. )
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