LED Power Driver Development Trend

by:MOSO     2019-12-10
(1) Develop a series of constant voltage and constant current control electronic circuits based on the characteristics of LEDs. Use integrated circuit technology to control the input current of each LED at the optimal current value, so that the LED can obtain a stable current and produce the highest output luminous flux. . LED drive power is best to control the LED current when the input voltage and environmental temperature and other factors change. (2) The LED drive power supply has an intelligent control function, so that the load current of the LED can be controlled at a pre-designed level under the influence of various factors. When the load current changes due to various factors, the primary control IC can return the load current to the original design value by controlling the switch. (3) In terms of control circuit design, it is necessary to develop in three aspects: centralized control, standard modularization, and system scalability. (4) Under the circumstances that the LED light efficiency and luminous flux are limited, the characteristics of LED color diversity are fully utilized to develop a control circuit for color-changing LED lighting. The development direction of LED drive power LED has many advantages, such as environmental protection, energy saving, small size, long life, etc., which will make LED gradually replace traditional fluorescent lamps and incandescent lamps in the future general lighting. The performance of the driving power is the key to ensure the overall performance of the LED, so it must be ensured that the LED driving power has the advantages of compactness, long life, high reliability and so on. LED driving has the following research hotspots: 1.Improve the life of driving power One of the important advantages of LED is its long service life, about 30,000 to 100,000 hours. Traditional LED driving power supplies contain electrolytic capacitors, and the life of electrolytic capacitors is relatively short, about 5,000 hours. This is the main reason that restricts the life of LED driving power supplies. Therefore, electrolytic capacitors should not be used in LED driving power supplies. [2] 2. Improve the input power factor of the drive power supply and reduce the total harmonic distortion. The 'ENERGYSTAR' solid-state lighting document issued by the US Department of Energy states that any power level requires mandatory power factor correction. This standard applies to a range of products, such as table lamps, cabinet lighting and so on. Among them, the power factor of the LED driving power supply for home lighting must be greater than 0.7, and it must be greater than 0.9 in commercial lighting. The IEC61000-3-2 harmonic content standard stipulates that the total harmonic distortion (Total Harmonic Distortion, THD) should be less than 35% and the power factor should not be less than 0.7 in lighting with a power level greater than 25W. The promulgation of these standards put forward higher requirements for the design of driving power for LED lighting. [2] 3. Reduce the size of the drive power The LED itself is relatively small, which is very advantageous for portable products. The driving power of the LED should also be as small as possible so that it can be smoothly installed in the LED lamp holder. In the design process, the size of the driving power supply should be minimized. [2] 4.Improve the reliability of driving power During the operation of the LED, non-artificial factors such as high temperature and aging of the device will cause fatal damage to the LED body. Therefore, protection circuits such as over-voltage protection and over-current protection should be added to the LED driving power supply to deal with accidents and ensure the safe operation of the LED body.
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