LED industry intelligent control system, the future prospects - — Low carbon energy saving

by:MOSO     2020-03-10
Remarkable for Shanghai world expo actively advocate low carbon concept into every corner of society, this concept is the social from all walks of life recognition, intelligent control system of LED optoelectronic industry shoulder the social practice of low carbon energy saving mission. In may this year, the Yangtze evening post a 'low carbon of beautiful changzhou billboards' indicates the photovoltaic industry development trend of low carbon energy saving. Intelligent control system has professionals said: intelligent control system of LED itself is energy-saving, but when combined together hundreds of thousands of LED lights, its energy consumption is also serious, range average power above 600 watts per square meter, coupled with the cooling system ( Air conditioning) Power consumption, more than 10 hours a day uninterrupted broadcast, light electricity a spending tens of thousands. Energy become the restriction factor of LED display development, so from the point of view of the industry development, low carbon energy saving is inevitable. LED display the path to a low carbon energy saving, intelligent control system is a industry technology innovation, which can be independent research and development, also can reference, can introduce more, no matter how technical breakthrough is the root of the problem. The second is to optimize the existing technology. Such as that appear on the market now LED three to three and to optimize the LED display selectively used in different environment, high efficiency, low energy consumption. Three LED outdoor advertising, amphibious, day and night for three during the day, let the two of them face turning alternately, avoid inflexible traditional print ads and complanation and save energy, solve the ordinary electronic display of electricity during the day, and in direct sunlight effect is not obvious problems. At night to turn a third plane, become a full-color LED display, sound painting synchronization, gorgeous. Achieve the goal of low carbon energy saving, technology innovation requires huge manpower, time, financial costs, and the optimum combination of existing technology can avoid high cost relatively. Low carbon energy saving LED industry to be in, technology innovation and a simultaneous optimization combination is the main way to realize.
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