LED drive power enterprise

by:MOSO     2020-02-27
LED drive power supply enterprises are currently facing several challenges. ** Is the overall cycle of the drive circuit, especially the cycle of key devices such as capacitors at high temperatures directly affects the cycle of the power supply. Secondly, LED drivers should challenge higher efficiency of transformation, especially when driving high-power LED, because all power that is not output as light is dissipated as heat, and the efficiency of power conversion is too low, it has affected the energy-saving effect of LED. At present, the LED driving power supply is a point-to-point control mode. If a lamp power supply fails, it must be replaced before the lamp can be lit again; At the same time, most of them are fixed brightness, that is, the brightness is always the same from turning on the light to turning off the light; Third, it is still mainly through regular inspections to check the failure of lamps and lanterns, which cannot be humanized. For some time to come, these three problems of LED driving technology will become the topic that LED driving power supply and lighting enterprises need to break through. LED driving power supply is a voltage converter that converts power supply into specific voltage and current to drive LED to emit light, in general, the input of LED driving power supply includes high voltage power frequency AC, low voltage DC, high voltage DC, low voltage high frequency AC, etc. However, the output of LED driving power supply is mostly a constant current source that can change the voltage with the change of LED forward voltage drop value.
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