LED dimming power supply dimming method

by:MOSO     2020-03-12
In life, each device usage is different, so only to the corresponding skills can play a biggest role in the using process, LED dimming power supply is the same. So what is the dimming method it? LED dimming power supply dimming method is as follows: first, to know the step-down converter principle of dimming control LED dimming is the process of adopting a stranded signal or pulse width modulation method to adjust the forward current of the LED, so as to realize the LED dimming; If you want to change the intensity of the LED light output, then you can use the change by the methods of LED current, but the LED color will change with the change of forward current. Changes because of the different light effects on the surrounding environment, and the person's eye is very sensitive to changes brought about by the luminous intensity, then expand the scale of the dimming is very important. For ways to control the LED brightness, can add to a pulse width modulation signal, without change of LED color end LED dimming. Second to switch the light way to compare and improve, LED dimming power supply control LED lights in LED driver is the most easy way to control, through setting the resistance of the outside for LED lamp dimming control, the dimming method though useful, but can't complete very flexible control, also cannot have the effect of change of light intensity for the user. Linear control power, however, will show is very low, then form the deviation on the color; At this time to use pulse width control LED jump for, to operate equipment switch frequency is generally greater than 100 hz, LED drive current and pulse electric control elements, pulse width modulation (PWM) change, also can use this to regulate the light of the purpose. Electrical focus LED dimming power supply, 10 years experience in special lighting development, professional LED dimming power supply customized service. To the company's website http:/// for more, hotline: welcome to the factory guidance:
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