Laptop switch power adapter can exchange with? Is there any danger

by:MOSO     2020-03-15
When we used laptop suddenly without electricity, and we just don't have special notebook switch power adapter, often may find colleagues or friends for emergency, actually this kind of practice is not good, but also safe hidden trouble. In fact, we all know, different brands of laptop computers, power supply interface many actually are are differentiated, this design has on the one hand, reason is the fear of different brands of laptop switch power adapter will be mixed with; This interface different Settings is relative to provide security for the computer, because at least users won't insert current or voltage is not in conformity with the power adapter to the notebook computer power supply, can reduce the risk of damage of computer hardware. Second, some different notebook the working voltage of the switch power adapter is different, some is 9. There is 5 v, some 10 v, 16 v, 19 v, 20 v, etc. , different brand will have different working voltage, from here you can see that even if the switch power adapter interface, also cannot use different brands of laptop power adapter for power supply. And exchange use is likely to bring safe hidden trouble, such as long-term use does not match the switch power adapter will affect the life of the battery, the battery would bring huge losses; May be the computer itself or blended with other damages to the switch power adapter itself, are more likely to burn out the computer. So power adapter manufacturer recommendations, when your notebook power adapter out of the question, related to brand shop or power adapter manufacturers buy best match the power adapter.
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