Jiangsu this year luck main 'light show' have what different?

by:MOSO     2020-03-07
The beginning of September, yangzhou people much of a good place to appreciate the night scene - — Yangzhou sports park. From now on to the jiangsu provincial games closing, sports park in stereo lights, colorful lighting effects will adorn the young city sky is especially beautiful. On September 3, the reporter interviewed sports park 'a house' ( The stadium, gymnasium, swimming diving) Lighting design team, they have to be responsible for the design of nanjing youth Olympic Games youth Olympic village bridge lighting effects, ask them to talk about the light show behind the design concept and design process. Sports park lighting effects have what different? Sports park 'a two house' lighting effects by nanjing cec panda lighting co. , LTD. , is responsible for the design, construction, they are also the nanjing youth Olympic Games youth Olympic village bridge lighting design team. 'Now many lighting projects use the same LED screen, though, have no characteristic. Cai Xianglong introduction, 'cec panda lighting co. , LTD. , general manager of yangzhou sports park three venues with very distinctive architectural style, the light should not be presumptuous guest usurps the host's role, and should become a carrier, let people see the architectural style. In the subsequent design, Cai Xianglong team building outline is highlighted as the theme, with architectural features of each stadium as the gripper, through changing details, design different lighting model. Referred to as 'yangzhou bowl stadium, Cai Xianglong team to exterior light outline' bowl ', and throw light into building at the top of the curved surface, two color contrast a complete architectural features. Stadium is peak shape, main body construction with omni lights, venue winding outside pipes with fog system, drainage system inside the water atomization, flapping, build smoky effect in light. Stadium, gymnasium, respectively, set up at the top laser model, through several laser projection lamp to make the image Mosaic effect, in addition to have finished the movement of the character modelling, will also show the provincial games mascots in subsequent debugging, yangzhou landmarks such as the five pavilion bridge, and 'a new era, new provincial transport, yangzhou' keywords. How to ensure and dazzing and not blindfold? In the lighting effects, use the floodlight, clearance light, wash wall lamp, laser projection patterns light and a laser beam to shoot the light. Cai Xianglong introduction, sports park 'a two house' lighting effects with the five types of more than 7000 LED light source and 450 high-power floodlight lamps and lanterns, nearly all light sources start at the same time, the light color on the premise of comfortable, able to bear or endure look. In the stadium lake blue wash wall lamp, for example, the gorgeous and not dazzling. 'Approach is to be mixed color light before, this time we choose to debug the lake blue monochromatic light source, color purity is higher. Bright lights 'high power consumption is not high? 'In the case of lighting effects fully open, one hour only need 300 KWH. 'Cai Xianglong said. The sports park 'a two house' the lighting effects are all made of LED light source, from the source to ensure that the concept of green, environmental protection and energy saving. Crucially, the LED light source stable performance, long service life, it also provides the convenience for follow-up. 'In addition to the festival lights full open, large activity patterns, and everyday and night, ferial mode to ensure that the citizens to exercise lighting needs, reduce the lights of the laser projection. And night mode only open at the bottom of the clearance light, in this mode, an hour of power consumption only a few degrees. 'Said Cai Xianglong, which fully embodies the yangzhou thriftily' will 'concept. Source: yangzhou
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