For now, Shenzhen MOSO Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. is not an OBM and still working on to be a world-famous one yet. OBM refers to Original Brand Manufacturing which requires the enterprises to be of strong production capacity, independent development technology, up-to-date innovative concepts, and sound sales network across the whole world. It covers a wide range of businesses including product design, R&D, manufacturing, services, and sales. All the processes should be completed by themselves. OBM is more demanding than other business models such as ODM and OEM, but we will do our best.

MOSO is a company specializing in the creation of innovative dimmable led driver. MOSO provides a wide range of high bay led driver for customers. MOSO programmable led driver has great quality. It is produced through a series of rigorous quality inspections which is in line with EMI, IEC, and RoHS standards. The product can be designed with explosion resistance for special applications. dimmable led driver has intelligence functions of power led driver, with characteristics of power led driver. Its efficient design helps reduce internal ambient temperatures during operation.

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