IoT of things need to use the sensor technology have?

by:MOSO     2020-03-11
The Internet of things as an important part of a new generation of information technology, has a very broad prospects. It involves a lot of electronic technology, intelligent perception, perception recognition technology and pervasive computing, communication technology, the Internet of things is the age of the Internet to upgrade. The Internet of things need to use the sensing technology have? Internet of things through all kinds of information sensing device, no need to monitor real-time acquisition, connected, interactive information you need to wait for all sorts of objects or process, formed by the combination of a huge network with Internet. Its purpose is to realize the content and content, objects and people, all of the items and the network connection, easy to identify, manage, and control. Iot perception layer, transport layer involved in numerous manufacturers, become the most competitive in the industry field. 1, wireless sensors ( UGS) Whether in intelligent transportation, city of wisdom, and Internet of things intelligent agriculture, industry, or the wild areas such as disaster prevention, comprehensive perception of human want to do in the physical world must first ensure that data obtained to comprehensive and accurate perception layer, that is to say the iot system needs according to the applied field and specific requirements to set a large number of sensors, there are even when they need to take the plane spreading way for a wide range of decorate, so, sensor and iot system is impossible to adopt the way of physical connection, and must adopt wireless channel to transmit data and communication. 2, intelligent sensor intelligent sensor is to use embedded technology to integrate the sensor and microprocessor is an organic whole, make its have the environmental awareness, data processing, become intelligent control and data communication function of intelligent data terminal equipment. It has the self-study, self diagnosis and compensation ability, flexible composite awareness and ability of communication. In this way, the sensor in the perception of the physical world when feedback to iot system data will be more accurate, more comprehensive, achieve the purpose of accurate perception. In microelectronics, the smaller feature size of integrated circuit means that the components of the higher level of integration, the faster the speed, the better the performance, the smaller the size of the sensor in the Internet of things system for system when decorate means more convenient and better performance. 微机电系统( Micro electronic mechanical system) Technology and material, using the traditional semiconductor, miniature sensors, micro actuators, micro mechanical, and signal processing and control circuit, until the interface, communication and power is equal to the tiny device or system. This kind of small volume, low cost, integration, intelligent sensor system is an important developing direction of future sensors, also is the core of the Internet of things. Therefore, become related enterprise of MEMS sensors layout of top priority. 3, wireless ad-hoc network ( Ad hoc) When it comes to the wireless ad-hoc network, many readers may will be a little strange, but its importance cannot be ignored. Compared to the traditional network, the wireless ad-hoc network is a kind of don't need the 'peer-to-peer' mobile communication base station model, all networking devices in the network can dynamically in the process of mobile network.
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