IOT is not safe? The five confusion of IoT

by:MOSO     2020-03-11
IOT is not safe? The five confusion of IoT in recent years the Internet of things ( 物联网) No matter in the field of consumer or enterprise growth is rapid, but many people also to IoT can bring the benefits of myth, once you have the wrong cognition, it could carry enterprise IoT guidelines to the wrong direction, miss IoT brings the real change of power, or too focused on in the short term ( Such as improve operational performance, etc. ) 。 Therefore, SmartciTIesDive finishing the IoT common myth of the big five. A, IoT is networking equipment IoT 'data' ( 数据) Is the true value, although between devices and sensors on line is the basis of the deployment of IoT, but it is all the 'thing' together, the real value is real-time data on these devices and sensors were analyzed, and the operation will be improved. 哈雷- Davidson is a factory IoT, gather all the data between devices and analysis, has made order cycle time reduced from 18 months to 2 weeks, 7% yield increase, and jointly increase the benefit of 3-4%. Second, IoT biggest market is consumer device most people heard the 'Internet of things' will be intuition thought of networking refrigerators, air-conditioning intelligent home appliances connected to a network, but IoT the biggest opportunity to appear in the business field, such as multinational mining group Rio TInto use sensors to monitor the status of the mining truck factory, make the truck before problems can prevent problems through preventive maintenance, can save the cost of $2 million a day. Three, the main body of IoT will be pushing for change the fact that this is not entirely correct, IoT can help enterprises to an existing program to achieve certain operational performance, but in IoT and artificial intelligence ( AI) With the operation of machine learning, mist ( 雾计算) , block chain ( 区块链) After combination, can truly play its revolutionary potential. AI and machine learning can be through the deep analysis of the real-time data, to reduce the IoT encountered in the promotion of safety, cost, complexity and speed of resistance; Fog operation edge network is to digest IoT data to solve the problem of delay and bandwidth, and reliability of the centralized network; Block chain distributed books, further improve enterprise security, and can direct communication between machine and machine, need not through the centralized equipment. Self-driving cars, for example, can saying is the combination of IoT and the science and technology, more and more powerful distributed AI systems can connect with extremely high speed vehicle internal and external network, this can let the self-drive operation real-time integration large flow of data through the mist, while block chain can prevent data tampering. Four, IoT IoT including multiple market only a single market, each market has a unique and ecological environment, technical thinking, demand. Therefore the development of IoT solutions need to integrate multiple facets of knowledge, such as the British Glasgow, Scotland's disaster management system established the ambulances, fire engines and volunteer network, with real-time detection of emergency events. Establish such a system, depends on the cisco ( Cisco) With Bronze Labs provide IT infrastructure and security software; Leonardo provide aviation and defense, tap water (in Scotland 苏格兰水) And Glasgow city geographical experts in geography to ensure that the deployment of the system running smoothly. Five, the IoT are not safe media often reports IoT unsafe equipment, especially the consumer IoT devices such as amazon ( 亚马逊) Voice assistant Alexa strange laugh, or the recent reported new IoT devices, was terrible in 30 minutes and add a botnet, etc. But companies have begun to attack from passive prevention, to take the initiative to establish prevention structure, and the government play a key role, such as the us federal trade commission regulations, the safety of the device manufacturers must inform customers. According to pricewaterhousecoopers, ( 普华永道) Estimates, 2015 consumers spent on IoT solutions of charge is $72 billion, but in 2020 will rise to $236 billion of spectrum; Companies to invest in IoT solutions will be from $215 billion in 2015, grown to an astonishing $832 billion. In order to play to the potential of IoT, enterprise should avoid falling into the above recommended five big wrong thinking.
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