Introduction to wireless charger and the working principle is what

by:MOSO     2020-03-14
With electric equipment for power supply quality, safety, reliability, convenience, real-time, special occasions, the requirement of special geographic environment is increasing, making contact electricity transmission mode is more and more cannot satisfy the actual needs. Wireless charger for charging device is the use of electromagnetic induction principle, the principle and the transformer, through the sending and receiving end each placed a coil, the sender coil in power to the outside world under the action of a electromagnetic signals, the receiver coil receive electromagnetic signals and the electromagnetic signal into electric current, so as to achieve the goal of wireless charging. Wireless charging technology is a special kind of power supply mode, it does not need the power cord, rely on electromagnetic wave propagation, then the electromagnetic energy into electrical energy, finally realizes the wireless charging. New electronic products, especially the portable electronic products such as digital cameras, mobile phones, tablets and so on in people's work and life more and more use of charger is also associated with traditional cable charger. And cable charger compatibility, versatility, users, charging is not portable. At the same time, the waste reprocessing increases the pollution to the environment. Therefore, to provide users with more reliable, convenient, convenient and timely charging equipment is imminent. The development of wireless technology, making it possible to wireless power transmission, the research and development of the wireless charger will also achieve the user's requirements. The future of the battery will have three main forms: visual, intelligent charging and charging wireless charging. Research status of wireless charging broke the power transmission can only rely on wire direct contact transmission way, belong to the non-contact transmission, to avoid touch the touch spark might bring in power transmission, sliding wear, the problem such as explosion shock. Radio transmission to three main points: electromagnetic induction type, electromagnetic resonance type and electromagnetic radiation. Electromagnetic induction type is by far the most commonly used radio transmission mode, its technology has been mass production, the production cost is lower than other techniques, and through the security and market validation. At present, there are three big mainstream Alliance is committed to the development of Wireless charging technology and standards, the three major league is Alliance for Wireless Power ( A4WP) 、权力事项联盟( PAM) 及无线充电联盟( WPC) 。 Qi standard for WPC & other Wireless charging & throughout; Standard, adopted the most mainstream of electromagnetic induction type charging technology. Qi standard for portable electronic products such as cameras, video and music player, toys, personal care and mobile phones. At present, the low power wireless charger study design are mainly for mobile terminal wireless charging, USES are based on the special chip of TI company BQ500211, on a little power terminal is also special integrated chip, using special integrated chip on the early development can save development time, but in the long run consideration for cost reduction and later extended to upgrade. Although wireless charging technology got a certain development, but in the process of development still exist some difficult technical problems. First, the charging efficiency is not high. Once the distance a little bit far from the charging efficiency could be sharply reduced, need to waste a lot of time and resources to complete charge, so the significance is not big. Second, the security problems in the process of charging. High power wireless charging equipment can produce a large number of electromagnetic radiation, some adverse effects on the body health, at the same time also can cause interference to aircraft, communication and other effects. Third, the practical aspect. The current wireless charging technology or can only be achieved need fixed in the position of the point, it is not convenient and practicality is not high. Fourth, the price is expensive, because of wireless charging technology is currently in the preliminary stage, the development and application of the high cost of research, so its research and development of the product price is relatively high. Works of the electromagnetic induction is the most common wireless charger works, which USES the principle of electromagnetic induction, through between the primary and the secondary coil of electromagnetic induction to generate an electric current, so as to realize the energy in the space within the scope of the transfer; This way of the realization of the wireless charger got wireless charging alliance promotion. Radio radio wireless charger is a way of charging for the development of more mature, its working principle is to use the micro efficient receiving circuit to capture radio waves in space, and the stability of the electromagnetic energy can be converted to electricity. At present company has announced that can realize to a few metres away less than electronic devices for wireless charging of cellular phone. Magnetic resonance which is a kind of is still in the development of wireless charging technology, the technology is mainly composed of professor of physics at the Massachusetts institute of technology study team, led by Intel engineers to the technology as the foundation, to the power supply in the distance about 1 meters place lit up a 60 watt light bulb, but also the transmission efficiency of 75%. Intel engineer said the next target will be using the wireless charging technology, the modified laptop to charge. But if you want to achieve this goal, still need to solve electromagnetic field of the influence of other components in my computer. The above information sources from the network, if there is infringement or incorrect please contact deleted! 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