Introduction to smart home lighting control

by:MOSO     2020-03-10
Ever found, slide the phone walked under the sun, your mobile phone screen brighter? And transferred to or under the overhang indoor, automatic dark screen. Most of the smart phone has the function of automatically adjust the screen brightness, when surrounding a lighter, will illuminate the screen to see clearly, and the environment is not so bright, dark screen, eyes don't uncomfortable, also compare save electricity. Of course, if not satisfied automatically adjust the brightness, manual adjustment is also possible. The lights in the home, is it possible to like mobile phone screen, can adjust the brightness automatically, and can bring good manually? May be! Intelligent household lights control can be done. When it comes to intelligent light control, is the most frequently mentioned products of philips ( 飞利浦) Hue, but actually there are many different intelligent lamp now accused of related products, automatic switch, scheduling setting, adjust the brightness, change color. . . Intelligent light control can do this? From the Angle of price, intelligent light control products is not cheaper than common light bulbs, switches, what is the reason to use intelligent lighting control? Don't intelligent light control can help us save money? That's right! Intelligent light control can really help us energy conservation, reduce electricity bills. Now common in average household lights are mostly there are many stars in a group of light bulbs, click the switch can light up two bulbs, and repeat 'turn off to open' may become light up one, four, change a few times and get back to two. This lamp is flashing through different amounts of light bulbs, make different brightness, but we sometimes had two bulbs too dark, four bulbs too bright yet ( It is hard to be human please) , this time, for the sake of sufficient light, most of us would choose to light up four bulbs - — Despite such beyond our requirements. Intelligent light control than traditional family lamp control, can also set the brightness, more in line with demand, subtle in addition, you can also respond to environmental change, adjust the lighting. Cloudy day when setting the brightness of the floating in the clouds, more natural light into the room, actually become too bright, if is the use of traditional lamps and lanterns, lamp control, we are often not immediately realize can dim the lights, or realize but too lazy to adjust, lead to use too much electricity; But if it is intelligent light control, in this case, can be reduced to a auto lamp brightness, reducing unnecessary energy use. Some people like to let oneself before returning home after dark, light up the lamp, on the one hand is the appearance of disguised as someone in the home, deter thieves and rascals, on the other hand is returned home and opened the door, can be the warm light. However, in general, we are unable to control the lamp in the home, outside in the door is open, so open the lamp of a long day, the consumption of electricity is very considerable. Using intelligent light control, can through the mobile device, no matter where, can switch the lights in the home; Too lazy to manually switch it doesn't matter, every day can be set schedule, let light open automatically in a fixed time every day. To maintain safety, and when I come home to see is full room warm. In addition to the manual, scheduling, and, of course, many different control mode, 'geographical barrier' is one of them. Setting a virtual 'fence' around the range, can be in when we enter the scope, let light control know we are back, automatically open lamp, can also get the effect of lights to meet us home, like the film start rendering effect. Of course, can also, when we leave this area automatically shut down the lights, avoid home left corner which we forget to turn off the lights, open all day. More and more manufacturers in the field of the intelligent light control and related products continue to increase quantity and diversity, not only the light bulb, and lamp, absorb dome light, etc. The application of the intelligent light control areas is not only the family, office, buildings, public lighting. . . Each scene can be introduced into intelligent light control. Although is not the mainstream of modern lamp control, intelligent light control of the future, seem to is worth looking forward to! Energy saving, convenient and comfortable - — For intelligent light control, you move?
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