Introduction to server power supply indicators

by:MOSO     2020-02-20
Introduction of server power supply index data; Power choice: 300W and 400W are common in the market. For individual users, 300W is enough, while for servers, because of the upgrade and increasing disk arrays, more power is needed to support it, so it should be more appropriate to use 400W power supply. Safety Certification: only by strictly considering the product quality, consumer safety, health and other factors, the products are strictly tested according to different standards, can they pass the international certification, safety certification is an important indicator for us to purchase power supply, which should be an important point when we choose power supply. Because it is related to our safety and health. Bad power supply noise is very large, which has an impact on people's body. Saving hundreds of dollars in this area is not worth the candle. Current power supplies require 3C certification. ( 3C certification is China's national compulsory product certification ( China Compulsory Cerlification)Short. In fact, CCEE (China Electronic and electrical product safety certification), CCIB (China imported electronic product safety certification), EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility certification) Three certificates in one, 3C certification will be enforced after May 1, 2003. ) Voltage retention time: for this parameter, the UPS problem is mainly considered. The general power supply can meet the needs, but if the UPS quality is not reliable, * choose a power supply with a long voltage retention time. Redundant power supply selection: This is mainly aimed at servers that require high system stability. Redundancy generally includes double redundancy and triple redundancy. Support for motherboards: this factor does not seem important and is rare in home PCs, but this phenomenon exists in servers, so attention should also be paid when purchasing. In addition, our company also sells switching power supply, DC- DC and other products, welcome interested customers to inquire! The excellent performance of the products and the perfection of the service are our endless pursuit. Please feel free to buy your favorite products.
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