Introduction of relevant information on communication power supply

by:MOSO     2020-02-18
Due to historical development, most of the current power supply systems of communication power supply are mainly centralized placement and centralized power supply, with people on duty and fault maintenance. The load of power supply, such as transmission, data, exchange, mobile and other professional maintenance methods are developing towards centralized monitoring, centralized maintenance, few people or unattended. Communication base station is an important part of communication network system. Ensuring normal power supply under any circumstances is an important link to ensure the safe operation of communication network. Therefore, each communication base station is equipped with more advanced power supply systems, including switching and rectifying facilities, maintenance-free batteries, oil engines, etc. These facilities are all important facilities to ensure the stability and continuity of power supply. The maintenance of these facilities not only affects the service life and failure rate of power supply system facilities, but also directly involves the smooth operation of communication networks. Features of communication power supply products: 1. The integration of common instruments in the daily maintenance process is widely used in the daily maintenance of communication power supply facilities and emergency repair of faults 2. The instrument is simple to operate, meets the inspection needs, and provides a good management platform for common instruments. The box is strong and durable, and the volume is small; Pull rod design, easy to carry
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