Intersil's aerospace-grade integrated voltage regulator new product release

by:MOSO     2020-02-29
Model: ISL70001SRH synchronous buck regulator/integrated regulator with integrated MOS tube. Input voltage: 3 ~ 5. 5Vin, output voltage: 0. 8 ~ 80% Vin @Iout: 4. 2A (Tj <150 degC)&6A (Tj <125 degC)Meet the requirements of military industry working temperature: Ta :- 55 ~ 125degC conversion efficiency: 95% fixed operating frequency: 1MHz this integrated voltage regulator features: Excellent dynamic response capability, input undervoltage, output overcurrent, output voltage monitoring, bidirectional/out-of-phase synchronization function. The integrated voltage regulator has two packaging methods: 48LD CQFP and DIE48LD CQFP: 48pin Ceramic quadflatpackage: a 48-pin Ceramic four-sided flat package structure. Application: FPGA, CPLD, DSP, CPU Core andI/OVoltage, Low-Voltage, High- DensityDistributed Power Systems. FPGA: Field Programmable GateArray Field Programmable gate array CPLD: Complex Programmable logic device. DSP: Digital SignalProcessing Digital signal processing. Outline Drawing: at present, only one of us sells in China, and can provide evaluation boards and samples to customers for testing at any time. For more details, please call moso power technology department 0755-83562355 consultation, thank you!
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