Intelligent lighting system and comprehensive analysis of LED controller

by:MOSO     2020-03-13
Intelligent lighting system and LED controller with comprehensive analysis to the LED lighting industry technology, has increased the demand for more intelligent controller and driver. The LED can run efficiently and effective inhibition of family and higher electricity bills. Many applications need to provide constant lighting quality, at the same time support advanced control functions, such as light, color temperature balance, and accurate color mixture, etc. Application of diagnosis can reduce the demand for technical personnel, thus reducing maintenance costs, remote connection also became a regular requirements of these applications. LED lighting applications to join the intelligence may require a shift from the fixed function of LED driver based on micro controller or programmable architecture. Dedicated power electronic micro controller can also be in lighting control lighting control and communication power supply, so that the lighting applications with higher efficiency and better value. To raise the flexibility of the transformation of the digital control, can make the lighting products reached a new level of intelligence and differentiation. Dimmers, English name is dimmer, the luminous flux change in the lighting light source, adjust the intensity of illumination level of an electric device. The purpose of the dimmer is adjusting the brightness of the light different. By reducing or increasing the RMS voltage prompted the lights of the average power of the light output of different strength. Although the variable voltage equipment can be used for various purposes, but this kind of regulation to control lighting. Is a mainly operating lamps and lanterns of accessories production processing enterprises, mainly manages the HID electronic ballasts, optoelectronic transformer, LED driver, commercial lighting lamps and lanterns, and other products. Adhering to the 'integrity, professional, win-win' business philosophy, adhere to customer first, quality first, service customers with science and technology, adhere to the technological progress, continuous innovation, constantly beyond, has become a strengthy and scale of the enterprise in the lighting industry of lamps and lanterns.
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