Intelligent lighting is becoming a IOT IOT entrance

by:MOSO     2020-03-08
Intelligent lighting is becoming a IOT IOT entrance at present, the intelligent lighting can be based on human's psychological and physiological needs, or according to the need of content, automatically adjust the most comfortable color temperature and brightness, provide the best visual or the most suitable for lighting of human physiology. From the application classification, mainly divided into urban lighting, home lighting and commercial lighting three. City intelligent lighting system at the core of intelligent city subsystem, using wireless Zigbee, WiFi, GPRS and other Internet of things and IT technology, to realize the remote single lamp switch, dimmer, detection and other control functions. Household intelligent lighting is an important part of intelligent household category, since becoming increasingly prevalent in smartphones and tablet, smart lighting is getting closer and closer to the average consumer family, lying in bed use App, can control the lights of the family. Commercial intelligent lighting is intelligent lighting the biggest application field, office, shopping mall, exhibition hall and so on are gradually aware of the light experience and perception of influence to people. But in fact, the concept is put forward for many years, of intelligent lighting in the country remains tepid: on the one hand, the domestic made light of many companies is not professional, simply carried out in accordance with the traditional way of setting, coarsely, completely reach 'the standard of intelligence. On the other hand, the public still stays in the concept phase for intelligent lighting, in real life and didn't really realize the value of the light. In fact, it has been quietly intelligent lighting affects our lives, even suggested on our feelings and decision. The public areas were the first to replace the LED lamps and lanterns, realize the intelligent control. In terms of family, because the cost is higher, at the beginning of intelligent lighting can choose equipment quantity is less, the user still in the stage of early adopters. Being one of the most intelligent lighting application field, businesses by intelligent control to achieve energy conservation, management, promotion experience such a demand is imminent. Business intelligence and office intelligent illumination has become just need. Itself is a kind of high frequency demand first, lighting, professional lighting lighting industry development is the trend and necessity. The traditional lighting equipment and management mode, consume a lot of manpower and electricity costs. 'One of the most simple example, a lot of time indoors can use natural light, but you forgot to turn off the lights. Access to the intelligent management system, lighting system will automatically according to the light source to adjust indoor light, energy saving also need not deliberately. 'With the employee's work efficiency is closely related to the lamplight, there are 68% of the staff to own office lighting. Intelligent lighting system can free office workers set up and customize their own lighting effects, good lighting effect can directly increase 15% - - - - - - ‐ 20% of the work efficiency. 'Like many shops will turn all the lights are on, but the effect is not very good, actually 49% of customers through' show and display 'to find the corresponding products. 'The light is clear, focused, good lighting display have very good shopping navigation effect, at the same time, it can greatly reduce the energy consumption. Second, mature technology makes intelligent lighting cost is lower and shorter working hours, reduce the use of intelligent lighting threshold. The past lighting equipment control requires configuration of wires, high cost and not flexible. But with the development of Internet technology, Internet technology has also been gradually mature, only need through the Wi - Fi, the whole equipment can be connected together. From the traditional equipment to intelligent devices can also be quickly switch, usually only 2 days, you can use a mobile phone to control your shop lights. As long as someone, basic has a lamp; As long as there is light place has electricity, light is actually a good carrier of the Internet of things, is also a iot of an entry. The concept of Internet of things is more and more popular in recent years, the main principle is that through a variety of information sensing device, no need to monitor real-time acquisition, connected, interactive object or process of information on a variety of needs, formed by the combination of a huge network with Internet, finally realizes the object and content, content with people, all of the items and the network connection, easy to identify, manage, and control. Intelligent lighting equipment is the Internet of things in the vast network technology pioneer, is also one of the important sensor. Light is a kind of information carrier, access to the Internet of things, can be used as entrance to connect more light and light 'content', provide a lot of business intelligence services, such as indoor positioning, indoor navigation, information push, etc. At present abroad has begun this attempt, with the development of the domestic market, more intelligent services will follow.
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