Intelligent lighting industry analysis in 2018

by:MOSO     2020-03-10
Intelligent analysis and intelligent lighting lighting industry in 2018 as a future development direction of intelligent illumination is refers to the use of the Internet of things technology, wired and wireless communication technology, electric power carrier communication technology, embedded computer intelligent information processing, as well as the energy saving control techniques such as distributed lighting control system, to realize the intelligent control of the lighting equipment. Intelligent lighting can achieve the goal of safe, energy-saving, comfortable and efficient. As countries wisdom development idea is put forward and the popularity of intelligent household concept, the future of intelligent lighting in the field of household, office areas, business and public facilities are good prospects for development. Intelligent lighting, as well as provide power for the development of smart home intelligent lighting as the age of the Internet lighting field development of crystallization of wisdom, for the development of the city and family wisdom light direction. Intelligent lighting obvious advantages, mainly reflected in the function of simple operation, energy saving, safety and reduce the cost. At present, the main application is given priority to with city intelligent lighting, under the impetus of the development of smart home, gradually to the expansion of the application of household, business, etc. Chart 1: intelligent lighting source: the main advantage of analysis perspective industry institute finishing intelligent lighting control system by the system unit, input unit, output unit and monitoring unit of four parts. Input unit is responsible for the use of the control panel light signals into a network transmission to the outside world, spread on the system bus. After receiving related commands output unit, according to the command of lamplight to make the output of the corresponding action. And system unit and monitoring unit for intelligent lighting one of the most important aspects of the auxiliary equipment for the system to provide low voltage power supply and control signal carrier, maintain system to work normally. And monitor the state of equipment, lighting of the whole system and direct and detailed control system on the scene, provide more intelligent the externalization of intelligent lighting performance. Chart 2: intelligent lighting system equipment classification source: prospective industry institute of intelligent lighting becomes a trend, the domestic and foreign industry growth is obvious with the increase of the LED application and the development of the Internet, intelligent technology, the global intelligent lighting industry will usher in a new development. 2013 - In 2017, the global intelligent lighting market scale increases year by year, the fastest growth in 2016. In 2013 global intelligent lighting industry market size of about 57. 5. 7 billion dollars, including lamps and related accessories market size is about 12. 8. 7 billion dollars. The 2015 global intelligent lighting market size of 78. $300 million, to 2016 the size of the market increase 34. By 79% to 105. 5%. Account for more than 30% of the global LED lighting market scale. Although small intelligent lighting market at present, but in the future companies actively promote energy-saving trend, the market will continue to grow, and foresight estimates for 2017 global intelligent lighting market scale of up to 129. 1. 6 billion dollars. 13 - chart 3:20 The 2027 global intelligent lighting market size and change (compared to the same Unit: $, %) Source: prospective industry research institute in the 1990 s, foreign intelligent lighting system manufacturers began to invest in China. In recent years, the rapid growth of the Chinese intelligent lighting market size of the market from 1. 9 billion yuan in 2005 to 2016 of 14. 7 billion yuan, annual growth remain at around 25%. In 2016, our country's intelligent lighting industry market size is about 12. 4 billion yuan, compared with 93 from a year earlier. 20%. Outbreaks a year of growth for intelligent lighting applications, in the future, in the smart home, intelligent office such as wisdom, intelligent lighting industry in China in 2017 the size of the market is expected to exceed 20 billion yuan, achieve massive growth. Chart 4:20 10 - In 2017 China intelligent lighting industry output value scale ( Units: one hundred million yuan, %) Source: prospective industry institute of intelligent lighting direction clear, become the main driver of wisdom city intelligent lighting as an important part of intelligent city, is the development direction of lighting in the future. As the Internet, communication, electron, etc. , the development of technology, intelligent lighting system environment perception changes, automatically adjust the light intensity, make the scene, improve lighting quality, energy conservation and emissions reduction, provide intelligent environment for work, life and study. In the future, with the widely application of the intelligent lighting equipment, its development will gradually toward the semiconductor lighting, greening, standardization, networking and personalized direction. Promote innovative lighting direction at the same time, promote the development of wisdom urban construction. Graph 5: the future development trend of intelligent lighting source: prospective industry research institute to sort out the above data and analysis are released from the forward-looking industry research institute ', 2018 - In 2023 China intelligent lighting industry development prospects and investment strategy analysis report. Source: prospective net
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