Intelligent lighting control system of the bus, please type and communication protocol are there?

by:MOSO     2020-03-10
Lighting control system is more and more in the direction of the automatic and intelligent development, the flexibility and accuracy is higher and higher, from DDC ( Direct digital control) 、DCS( Distributed control system) To the FCS ( Fieldbus control system) Unceasing enhancement, degree of network system, gradually achieve the unity of the control system and network system of automatic control, the intelligent lighting control system based on fieldbus research has important practical significance. Intelligent lighting control system based on fieldbus intelligent lighting control system is the basic content of both traditional and the lighting control system of automatic type, all adopts point-to-point connections in the form of each control point is connected with a line of control, this situation lead to the number of cable in line, construction difficulty bigger, easy to cause the waste of manpower, material resources, financial resources, if need to adjust the control method based on real demand, the whole line need to be corrected. In on the basis of the field bus control system, the control box or lighting switch as network nodes exist in the field bus, the fieldbus plays a pivotal role, whether it is open to turn off the lights, control signals or power, is to realize communication based on fieldbus. In the control system, the network host monitoring nodes are able to inspect and control the necessary equipment in the system. Intelligent lighting control system, the main node including smart relay, intelligent dimmer, intelligent switches, intelligent host, PC machine, etc. , other nodes may include image acquisition equipment, sound acquisition equipment, intensity of illumination sensor. Each node has the CPU to achieve on storage, communication, fault diagnosis, etc. Can be used in the intelligent lighting control system of bus type and communication protocol. 1. C - 总线C - Bus belongs to two wire system of enclosed bus protocol, including two twisted pair, launched by the strange wins company, a pair of on-line bus equipment to realize the information transmission, and to realize the power supply ( DC15V - DC36V) In C - Bus in the bus, the bus equipment can not directly communicate with the help of a central controller. Its transport protocol is a CSMA/CD, the basic unit for the subnet, there are three kinds of topology structure, a bus, the second is the tree, three is a star. Per subnet inside can hold control circuit unit 225 or 100, the transmission distance up to 1000 meters, and communication rate is 9. 6kbps。 2. 我- - - - - - 总线i - Bus on the basis of European installation bus standard EIB, belong to two line network. Most of Europe homes or buildings in design automation control system in accordance with the EIB standards. EIBA organization is primarily responsible for management of EIB protocol, the group has obvious non-profit and neutrality, manufacturers as long as apply to the EIBA organization and I agree to abide by the agreement can produce related products. 3. Dynet Dynet system controlled by Dlight software, is a four wire system agreement, contains two of twisted pair, including a pair of twisted pair is responsible for equipment to provide power supply ( DC12V) , and the other is responsible for equipment of information transmission. In order to make full preparation, general advice for bus installation application line 5 class, besides 4 of twisted pair, redundant line retained and set aside. Dynet the transport protocol based on the RS485 four wire system, only one bus topology structure, main and subnet ( 64. ) Mainly through the connection between the bridge, and subnet connection with equipment unit, the number of units is 64. In this system, the main transmission rate up to 57. Six KBPS, and subnet is 9. 6kbps。 Intelligent lighting control system 4. DALI DALL digital addressable dimming interface, be incorporated into this agreement to IEC60929 standard ( 1994) , since then, relevant international manufacturers, such as fixture, lamps and lanterns, chip makers and so on all to the great support and recognition. Based on DALL design of control system is concise, clear the main characteristics of the structure, the indoor for high performance and intelligent illumination can be implemented on the basis of the agreement. Its functions include status display, scene, dimmer, switches, etc. , ballast for the controlled object in the system.
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