Intelligent lighting control system more in changing the way smart home?

by:MOSO     2020-03-08
Smart home based on housing in the platform, the use of the Internet of things, such as wireless communication technology, the integrated system of household devices. Typically, smart home system, including lighting system, security system, background music system and video multimedia system, home environment control system, and other subsystems. Due to the lighting is of necessary equipments for home users, thus intelligent lighting system in the smart home is one of the most common and most commonly used foundation part, is an important means of intelligent family and reflect. Intelligent lighting refers to the use of computer, wireless data transmission, intelligent power carrier spread spectrum communication technology, computer information processing and energy-saving electric control technology of distributed wireless telemetry, remote control, remote control system, to realize the intelligent control of the lighting equipment. As an important part of intelligent household category, lighting system including all kinds of lighting equipment and materials, including all kinds of intelligent switches, intelligent socket, the entity control terminal, etc. By way of wireless technology, lighting equipment and intelligent household core - — Intelligent home gateway connection, diplomatic relations between the rich and more advantages over traditional lighting function is more outstanding, which can realize the centralized control of lighting system and management. Intelligent lighting one of the most prominent control function is the realization of the remote control. Wireless network access to the lighting system entity intelligent switch to local open or closed, also supports a smartphone or tablet, such as mobile terminal control. Users can lighting part of the smart home system software application, to control the remote online lighting equipment. In simple terms, users do not need to 'hands-on', no matter where various net lamp can be turned on or off at home, and can at any time to adjust the brightness of the light. The remote control, however, is only found in the simplicity of operation, but practical significance is not very big, in the practical life usage will be less. The other function of intelligent lighting is the setting of the various scenarios. Choose different lighting equipment, different color, the brightness of the free combination collocation, to create a different atmosphere, so as to realize a specific scenario. For example, using YunZhi linkage in lighting system and other equipment, the user can according to the living habits, hobbies, etc. , custom presets 'home', 'entertainment', 'a visitor', 'eat', such as multiple scene mode, and used smart phones can realize a key control, flexible, more personalized and humanized. Scene mode, of course, also can only as an occasional use of functions, but for every day lighting system in different mode free conversion, the user may not have enough time and energy to set or open different patterns. Intelligent lighting, by contrast, photosensitive sensor and infrared sensor functions is more practical. Through a simple set, can make the lighting lighting according to the contrast of the light open, and the brightness of the adjustment is more appropriate. Beijing YunZhi intelligent switch of the intelligent lighting system, can be realized in user close to a certain range 'to the light, people go lamp' effect, applying intelligent lighting system function maximize, minimize the energy consumption. With the constant innovation of intelligent technology, intelligent lighting control system function more powerful and diversification. Especially as philips in HUE, YunZhi CND bulbs to join such as intelligence, intelligent lighting system changed the traditional smart home control system to control the situation of equipment, to achieve intelligent control of intelligent effect, and in the use of time, the function effect, saving energy save electricity, etc, are more scientific and perfect.
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