Intelligent lighting control system based on Internet of IoT

by:MOSO     2020-03-05
Based on IoT IoT of intelligent lighting control system for the cable, mechanical control mode of traditional lighting, this article puts forward a kind of based on Internet of things ( InternetOfThings,物联网) Technology of intelligent lighting control system, intelligent control module embedded terminal lighting lamps and lanterns, the integrated use of embedded technology, sensor networks, such as technology, realization of intelligent, digital, energy-saving intelligent lighting control mode, but also with the environmental temperature and humidity, light and other environmental parameters of the monitoring function. As LED lighting is more and more popular and the rapid development of mobile Internet technology, people to be resided to the home life of the network demand more and more strong, intelligent, energy saving, such as household appliances, lighting, security alarm module are integrated into the control platform, through the network to realize intelligent control and intelligent management. As the Internet of things ( 物联网,物联网) The development of the industry, intelligent lighting has become an important part of IoT. Below system equipment of this system include manager, DALI controller, the relay controller, sensors, touch panel, lamps and lanterns control terminal, etc. , this system can not only control the lamps and lanterns, you can also control household appliances, curtains, etc. , here we just discuss used to implement the intelligent lighting control of lamps and lanterns. SMART - system network SBUS as the secondary network is used for the connection manager and DALI controller, relay controller and other equipment, also as the interaction between the controller data channel. DALI as the third bus, as long as it is connected to the DALI standard lamps and lanterns, and we extend the functionality of DALI sensor based on DALI bus and DALI buttons and other equipment. System intelligent interactive Smart - Io content systems within each device has its own resources, including input and output resources, these resources can be set by software between arbitrary, realize the input event trigger output resources changes. System also add brightness sensor, the human body detection sensor, automatic adaptive adjustment or trigger automatically light brightness. And to work within the scope of the environmental illumination lamps and lanterns, lamps and lanterns working condition for real-time monitoring, automatic fault report etc. The design of this system structure is reasonable, make full use of technology to realize intelligent lighting applications, good ability in developing, at the same time provide a RS485, DMX512 extension interface, such as programming support online upgrade, bring great flexibility and practicability for engineering.
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