Intelligent lighting control system based on DALI

by:MOSO     2020-03-05
DALI intelligent lighting control system, designed to build meet people's various needs of light environment at the same time, achieve the goal of saving energy. Mainly in the following aspects of research work. Introduce the basic concept of intelligent control, points out the characteristics, function and feasibility of intelligent lighting control system. At the same time, elaborated the basic content of DALI protocol, the principle and application of analysis in the lighting control system, application of DALI technology compared to the analog dimming technology, bus technology advantage. Development to design digital addressable dimming ballast based on DALI and DALI master controller prototype, digital addressable dimming ballast including EMI circuit, PFC circuit, IR21592 dimming control chip circuit, micro control module circuit, level conversion circuit, intelligent dimming circuit function module, etc. Through analyzing the digital addressable dimming ballast and DALI master controller circuit principle, points out the two kinds of prototype components selection and circuit debugging technique. From the theoretical level of fluorescent LC series resonant circuit is studied, and analysis the reason of the fluorescent lamp can be triggered by the work. In the traditional RS - 485 lighting control system on the basis of this system extends the control range of lighting system, build the network with three layers of lighting system, is helpful for building integrated management system ( 建筑管理系统,BMS) The management of the lighting control system. The analysis of system communication and control principle. In management, by calling the Winsock interface function between PC and ADAM4579 TCP/IP communications. Using RS - between the management and monitoring layer 485 bus communication, and USES the DALI communication between monitoring layer and field layer. Use monitoring layer of RS - DALI master controller implementation Mutual transformation, 458 signals and DALI DALI signal produced using Manchester code. So as to realize the intelligent lighting control system based on DALI an entire network of centralized management, decentralized control. The system has to digital addressing each lamp, stepless dimming, grouping, query and preset lighting scenes, and other functions. Based on DALI and complete the application in the parking lot lighting control lighting system design, achieve the goal of intelligent control and save energy. Application software, center control system is developed using Visual Basic language interface, making the center of the corresponding control system using Microsoft Access to create related database, using VB realize ADO data Access interface information database of free Access to the entire parking lot lights. With DALI system is put forward for the first time, the system of parking lot lighting separately according to the different requirements of normal and special illumination control, realized the parking lot lighting system in and out of the parking lot light mutation, intelligent direction, choose the right route, etc. Based on the genetic algorithm is put forward the design scheme of intelligent lighting control system. In the analysis of the significance of using artificial intelligence in lighting system, on the basis of specific mathematical model is set up, used to represent the natural outdoor light and indoor particular point.
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