Intelligent control system of six technology and the digital addressable lighting interface standard

by:MOSO     2020-03-09
6 conclusion intelligent control system from the above various bus protocol system, in addition to the DMX512 and DALI concrete into the internal level, the product of lamps and lanterns is only other bus to the wall socket connectors and etc, without further considering the level of the specific product of lamps and lanterns. In other words no end products according to various lighting and lighting - The characteristics of lamps and lanterns unified standardization. Also can not be true according to the characteristics of all sorts of lamps and lanterns and light source to develop its function. Intelligent control system, therefore, on the one hand, they are only general on-off control and simple chopping phase on a few types of lamps and lanterns that move light control. Therefore, in the ordinary apartment building in office lighting and common household lighting intelligent applications has significant limitations. And, in turn, limits the them into the general lighting market. On the other hand, because there is no deep into the specific types of lamps and lanterns product level, no according to various lighting end products - The characteristics of lamps and lanterns unified standardization. When a lot of gas discharge lamps and lanterns for simple input power adjustment to achieve the dimmer, it is easy to appear the lights flashing, damage ballast, controller, or tubes, serious and even easier to security problems. Although DMX512 in intelligent control system to the product of lamps and lanterns, but the system is mainly designed for large stage class lighting lamps and lanterns, many function main consideration is some motor mechanical adjusting control, and no more from the consideration on the application instructions electronic control. This also is not very suitable for common building and common household illumination of intelligent applications. Although DALI addressable digital dimming interface has been put to the light control device or product of lamps and lanterns, but some of the lamps and lanterns with DALI addressable digital dimming interface also does not have a more in-depth, considering the characteristics of light source products level remains to be improved or standard leave these deeper problems with the lighting companies to consider in design. However, intelligent building control system as an ordinary office lighting and ordinary families, concrete placement of intelligent lighting to light control device or level of international standards for the standardization of lamps and lanterns: DALI addressable digital dimming interface standard is at present, the high quality of the most promising intelligent lighting control system. DALI addressable digital dimming interface technology and the rapid development of LED lighting technology to the combination of lighting products and lighting engineering application of upgrading the enormous role.
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