Intelligent control system is a technology and the digital addressable lighting interface standard

by:MOSO     2020-03-05
Intelligent control system technology and the digital addressable lighting interface standard source article source: http://www. 1000年照明。 com/trans. aspx吗? Id = 44182 pick to paper has summarized the present lighting and lighting two kinds of different USES of several mainstream bus control technology, and analyzes its main features, differences and advantages and disadvantages. Due to the digital addressable lighting interface IEC62386 series of lighting control technology involved in the international standard considering the specific character of the various kinds of lighting products, and thus the most suitable for general illumination applications. Keywords lighting and lighting control bus protocol IEC62386 standard 1 preface lighting control technology and intelligent control system with the development of electronic technology and computer technology and continuous development. In the 1960 s, in order to improve the control precision and flexibility of direct digital control technology, DDC) And then be applied to automatic lighting control; In the late 1980 s and 90 s, with the development of computer network technology in control system, distributed control ( DCS) Soon dominate the field of industrial control. Then in order to implement distributed control system and the communication between the controller and sensor, field bus industrial control technology quickly develop into a mainstream technology. Based on fieldbus intelligent lighting and lighting control system based on fieldbus is the lamps and lanterns of the single scattered or sensing measurement device to connect, communicate information, local lighting and lighting intelligent control task together, and further combined with Internet technology which can realize remote or a wider range of intelligent lighting and lighting control. Intelligent lighting and lighting control adapted to the lighting and lighting control to the development of decentralized, networked, intelligent direction. Intelligent control system of the digital addressable lighting interface IEC62386 series international standard marked the beginning of new era global intelligent lighting. Intelligent lighting control technology and the rapid development of LED lighting technology to the combination of lighting products and lighting engineering application have a significant impact. At the same time, lighting energy saving, energy saving, light from a source controller components such as energy saving, energy saving lamps and lanterns to intelligent control system of energy saving effect is more obvious engineering intelligent management and energy saving, it will produce a great push to the development of lighting industry.
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