InnoSwitch3-Dynamically Configurable- Pro IC provides a wide range of PPS outputs for usb pd Chargers

by:MOSO     2019-12-23

InnoSwitch3 launched by Power Integrations- Pro switching power supply IC adopts innovative dynamic output control technology to set USB power transmission (PD)A new standard for certification.

PI completes usb pd 3. 0 a latest reference design for compliance testing (DER-704), Is using InnoSwitch3- 45 W fast charger for Pro and VIA Labs VP302 controllers. The design can provide 3. 3 V to 21 V wide range digital control power supply (PPS) The output far exceeds the 16V requirement for PPS certification. The device can realize faster charging of smart phones, tablets and notebook computers while maintaining consistent high efficiency performance and keeping no-load power consumption below 30 mW.

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