InnoSwitch3- CP flyback switching power supply IC is suitable for USB power transmission (PD)And constant power applications-

by:MOSO     2020-01-15

InnoSwitch™3- CP offline flyback switching power supply IC suitable for USB power transmission (PD) , Fast charging and other applications requiring variable output voltage.

due to InnoSwitch3- Cp ic enables power designers to achieve extremely high efficiency levels, thus reducing power loss, and compact power supplies with rated power of less than 50 W do not need to use heat sinks ( For open applications, the Environmental Power can reach 65 W).

InnoSwitch3- CP flyback switching Power supply IC adopts Power Integrations innovative isolated digital communication technology-- FluxLink™ In addition, it also has synchronous rectification, quasi-resonant switch and accurate secondary feedback detection and control circuit.

In addition, it also provides online selection tools to design its own InnoSwitch power supply. Designers can customize device characteristics according to their own design specifications

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