InnoMux chipset suitable for TV and display power supply-efficiency up to 91%, component number reduced by 50%

by:MOSO     2019-12-22

Power Integrations's new InnoMux™ for display Power supply The chipset has now begun to accept sample ordering. The chipset is InnoMux controller IC and InnoSwitch™3- The innovative combination of MX isolated switching power supply IC can supply power to the controller and LED backlight simultaneously through one power supply.

The chipset adopts a unique single-stage Power Architecture, which can reduce the power consumption level of display applications by increasing the overall efficiency of constant voltage and constant current drive circuits, the power efficiency reaches 91%.

TV and display designers can also reduce the number of components by more than 50%, thus reducing the manufacturing cost and enhancing the reliability of the Power board.

InnoSwitch3- MX

multi-output, quasi-resonant off-line flyback switching power supply IC with 650 V or 725 V switch, synchronous rectification and FluxLink feedback.


2 constant voltage output, 4-channel dimmable LED backlight constant current controller.

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