[Industry News] Development Trend of China's industrial robot industry in 2017

by:MOSO     2020-02-28
At present, the cost structure of global industrial robots is about 35% for reducers, 20% for servo motors, 15% for controllers, only about 15% for machining bodies, and the other parts are mainly for applications. Since 2013, China has become the world's * large robot consumer country, ranking first in the world's industrial robot market for three consecutive years; At the same time, the output of domestic industrial robots also showed an explosive growth trend, with the output of domestic industrial robots reaching 7. 5% in 2016. 24 million units, while this figure was only 9000 units in 2013! However, the actual situation is that the market share of domestic robots in China is only about 30 cm, and it is mainly at the low end of the industry. Excellent robots rely heavily on imports; Most of the key components such as reducers, servo motors and controllers depend on imports, and the cost of purchasing core components is higher than the overall selling price of foreign robots of the same type. At present, there are more than 40 robot industrial parks built and under construction in China, and the number of robot enterprises exceeds 800. However, the actual situation is that among the more than 800 enterprises, nearly half of the enterprises have no empty brands of products, and the remaining half have nearly 70%- 80% are agents of other people's products. Only about 100 of them can really produce their own parts or robot products. As a key component of industrial robots with high technical barriers-- Reducers can be divided into five categories according to different structures: Harmonic gear reducers, cycloidal pin wheel reducers, RV reducers, precision reducers and filter gear reducers. Among them, RV reducer and harmonic reducer are the mainstream precision reducers for industrial robots. RV reducer has a tendency to gradually replace harmonic reducer in advanced robot transmission. At present, 75% of the world's precision reducer market is occupied by Japan's hamanac and nabotsk, of which nabotsk produces RV reducers, accounting for about 60% of the share, and hamanac produces harmonic reducers, about 15% of the share. Servo motor is a kind of auxiliary motor Indirect variable speed device, which can make the control speed and precision very accurate, and can use voltage signal as torque and rotating speed to drive the control object, equivalent to the 'nervous system' of industrial robots '. In the domestic servo motor market, the top three Panasonic, Mitsubishi and an Chuan are all Japanese brands, with a total share of 45%. the European brands such as Zhuan, Bosch and Schneider occupy excellent positions, with an overall market share of about 30%, the overall share of domestic enterprises is less than 10%. The self-supporting ability of servo motors in our country has taken shape. The product power range is mostly within 22KW. The technical line is close to Japanese products. There are more than 20 large-scale servo brands, there are mainly Nanjing Eston Automation Co. , Ltd. , Guangzhou CNC Equipment Co. , Ltd. , Shenzhen Huichuan Technology Co. , Ltd. , etc. The controller is the 'brain' of the industrial robot, which releases and transmits action instructions, including hardware and software: hardware is the industrial control board, including some main control units, signal processing parts and other electricity; The software is mainly control algorithm, secondary development, etc. However, due to its relatively low status and threshold, mature robot manufacturers generally develop their own controllers to stabilize and technical systems. In the domestic Controller Market, fanaco, Yaskawa and abb account for nearly 40% of the market share, while Epson, OTC, staubir and other second-line market shares account for %. There is a small gap between our country's controller and that of foreign countries. We have mastered the hardware, and there is still a gap between domestic brands in software in terms of stability, response speed and ease of use. Wuhan Huazhong Numerical Control Co. , Ltd. , Shenyang Xinsong Robot Automation Co. , Ltd. , Shanghai xinshida Electric Co. , Ltd. and other related products have reached the international advanced level. At present, our country is on the stage of transforming from an 'industrial power' to an 'industrial power'. Improving the localization rate and technical level of industrial robots is an important link in the realization of 'Made in China 2025, only by facing up to the defects and making up for them in a targeted way can we avoid the tragedy of pulling out seedlings.
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