In 2018, the development trend of LED drive power supply as well as its technical characteristics

by:MOSO     2020-03-16
LED drive power is the power supply is converted into a certain voltage current to drive the LED power converter, normally: LED drive power supply input including high-voltage ac power frequency ( The mains) Dc, high-voltage direct current, low voltage, low voltage high frequency ac ( Such as electronic transformer output) And so on. And the output of the LED driver power supply are mostly can change with LED positive pressure drop values and change the voltage of the constant current source. The characteristics of the LED drive power supply 1. High reliability, special like LED street lamp driver power supply, in a high altitude, waterproof aluminum drive power supply, good quality is not easy to bad, reduce maintenance times. 2. LED is energy efficient products, the efficiency of the drive power supply. For the structure of the power supply installed in the lamps and lanterns, is particularly important. Because the LED luminous efficiency with the rising of LED temperature drops, so the LED heat dissipation is very important. Power supply of high efficiency, its power consumption is small, in the lamps and lanterns of calorific value is small, also lower the temperature of lamps and lanterns. Good for delaying the LED light failure. 3. High power factor power factor is the requirement of load of power grid. Generally below 70 watts of electrical appliances, there is no mandatory indicators. Though the power of a single use lower electric power factor, the impact on the grid is not big, but at night you light a lamp and its load is too concentrated, can produce serious pollution to grid. For 30 ~ 40 watts of the LED drive power supply, it is said that in the near future, may be to power factor aspect has certain index requirements. 4. Drive way now prevailing are of two kinds: one is a constant voltage source for multiple constant current source, each constant-current source separately for each LED power supply. This way, flexible combination, LED failure all the way, don't affect the work of other leds, but the cost would be slightly higher. The other is a constant current power supply directly, leds in series or parallel operation. It has the advantage of low cost, but poor flexibility, but also solve a LED failure, does not affect other LED running problem. These two forms, for a period of time. Multi-channel constant current output power supply way, in terms of cost and performance will be better. Maybe the mainstream direction of the future. 5. LED anti surge surge protection ability is relatively poor, especially the reverse voltage resistance. Strengthening the protection is also very important. Some LED lights installed outdoors, such as the LED street light. As a result of the power grid load and sling and lightning induction, into the various surge from the grid system and some surge can cause the damage of the LED. So the LED drive power to suppress surge intrusion, ability to protect the LED was damaged. 6. Protection power supply in addition to the conventional protection function, the best in the constant current output increase LED temperature feedback, prevent LED temperature is too high. 7. Protection type lamps and lanterns is installed outside, the power supply structure to waterproof, moistureproof, shell to fast. 8. The life of the drive power supply and LED the life of the adapter. 9. To conform to the requirements of safety and electromagnetic compatibility. The development direction of the LED driver power supply 1, improve the life of the drive power LED is important is one of the advantages of long service life, is about 30000 ~ 100000 hours. Electrolytic capacitor is contained in the traditional LED drive power supply, and the life of the electrolytic capacitor is shorter, approximately 5000 hours, this is the LED driver power supply of the main causes of life, so in LED drive power should as far as possible do not use electrolytic capacitor. 2, improve the driving power of input power factor, reduce the total harmonic distortion of the U. S. department of energy (doe) released & other; Energy star & throughout; ( 能源之星的级别) Solid-state lighting file regulation: any level of power need to enforce the power factor correction. This standard applies to a series of products, such as desk lamp, cabinet lighting, and so on. Among them, the family residential lighting LED drive power supply power factor must be greater than zero. 7, in the commercial lighting must be greater than zero. 9. IEC61000 - 3 - 2 harmonic content standards in power greater than 25 w lighting should meet the total harmonic distortion ( 总谐波失真(THD) Less than 35%, the power factor is not less than 0. 7. The standard come on stage, to the design of the LED lighting driver power supply put forward higher requirements. 3, reduce the driving power supply in small volume of the LED itself, that is great for portable products. LED driver power supply should be small as far as possible, make it would be able to load the LED lamp holder. In the process of design, should try to reduce the volume of drive power supply. ( 5] 4, improve the reliability of drive power supply in LED work process, the temperature change is high, the device aging non-artificial factors can cause fatal damage to the LED ontology. Therefore should join in the LED drive power over-voltage protection, over-current protection circuit, the accident emergency treatment, ensure the LED safety work of the ontology. 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