In 2017, the Hong Kong international lighting fair autumn

by:MOSO     2020-03-09
To expand the lamps and lanterns, Lighting and electric light source products in the International market, promote the development of foreign trade and promote International exchanges and cooperation in the field, our company will continue to organize relevant domestic enterprises to participate in the October 27 solstice 30, 2017 held in Hong Kong convention and exhibition centre fall of Hong Kong International Lighting Fair Hong Kong International Lighting Fair ( 秋季版) 。 Will now matters related to notice the following: first, the exhibition to introduce the Exhibition name] Hong Kong international autumn lighting exhibition' The exhibition time 】 On October 27, 2017 - 30 ( On Sunday week four 【 The exhibition site 】 In China, no. 1 [expo road, wanchai, Hong Kong The pavilion name] Hong Kong convention and exhibition centre in Hong Kong autumn lighting international exhibition organized by the Hong Kong trade development council, since 1999, has successfully held the 17th, 2017 will be held in the 19th. Number of large number of buyers and exhibitors, and constant innovation of high volume achievement the pre-eminent position in the industry of exhibition, the Hong Kong international autumn lighting exhibition has become Asia's largest exhibition industry, ranking the second. Hong Kong autumn lighting international exhibition in 2015 with 2555 companies from 35 countries and regions, four days hosted 38097 buyers from different countries and regions, Tours, has obtained the good effect of display. In 2016, the exhibition zone for product was more reasonable arrangement, in order to highlight lighting industry the main business areas, accurately grasp the global lighting industry trends, meet the needs of buyers changing, has set up seven big product zones, specific as follows: commercial lighting, home lighting, LED and environmental protection, lighting, intelligent lighting and lighting solution, inspection and verification services, trade in services and publications, lamp assemble gallery. These zones for exhibitors to faster and more easily contact with the target buyer, to obtain the biggest benefit. For many years due to the many old and new enterprises to participate, has been unable to completely solve contradiction between supply and demand, so please register as soon as possible to attend this exhibition enterprises, in order to ensure the stalls and strive for a better booth location. Special remind the exhibition last year old customers must be in the application deadline is March 31, 2017, otherwise in accordance with regulations of the host, to queue waiting booths, no longer enjoy the treatment of the old customers priority arrange booth. My company as the exhibition in mainland China agent, we are looking for your company. 2 content in 2016, the exhibition continue according to the product category partition, set up seven product zone, arranged as following: A, commercial lighting; B, residential lighting; C, LED and environmental lighting; D, intelligent lighting and lighting solutions; E, measurement inspection and verification services; F, trade, service and publication; G, lamp assemble gallery
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