Human-oriented intelligent lighting lighting control makes people more healthy and happy

by:MOSO     2020-03-06
Fc twente university in the Netherlands, the free university of Amsterdam and the Netherlands cb Richard Ellis ( studeley公司) Property consultant company sponsored investigation and study, once again to verify the work environment and human health, happiness, and the correlation between the ability to work. For the research of the project smoothly, osram for arrangement of CBRE headquarters is located in Amsterdam 'people-oriented lighting system solutions. The plan includes a time control of lighting system, can be adjusted according to the beneficial to human body physiology rhythm way of lighting. Survey results show that 76% of 'people-oriented' lighting experience feel more happy, 50% of the experience feel more healthy, while 12% of experience in the experiment of objective performance is better. The interdisciplinary health office inquiry 124 respondents, the article analyzes the more than 100000 data records, focuses on the research work environment how to influence the staff's potential. Through questionnaire survey, experiment, biological data, daily activity evaluation and interviews, the project team for the work environment and the effects of changes in health, to carry out the 7 months of survey. The team set up the theoretical impact on health and potential of employee's largest five environmental change mode: starting from the health factors, such as nutrition, health, psychological balance and body movement, etc. ; From the viewpoint of environmental factors, such as natural and appropriate lighting interior design. Project team according to the intensity of sunlight illumination is analyzed at the same time, make it accord with human body physiology rhythm, will be what kind of impact. As a famous put forward of the concept of people-oriented lighting industry experts, osram was invited to install LED lighting and lighting for project management solution. Circadian rhythms of lighting solutions in the past decades of research show that light to our mood and the ability to have a significant impact, the most important aspect of quality lighting is timeliness. Our brain according to the surrounding environment of 'light' signal to adjust the body's circadian rhythms, which control the our energy level, mood, alertness, or fatigue. When we are in the human body biological clock time can't sync with nature, we become emotional, decreased reaction, difficult to focus. In order to implement people-oriented in a survey of lighting solutions, osram has installed is beneficial to human circadian rhythms when accused of lighting system, lamps and lanterns can adjust the light color at different times of the day, Adjustable white) And strength. Several light source is arranged on the wall, vertical illumination level. The lamps and lanterns of open space on the ceiling suspension can bring pleasant indirect light and avoid direct light. In general, the light intensity is almost doubled. Arktika - P Biolux tunable white light is designed for large areas of the general office of lighting. This extremely efficient flat droplight with two different operating components. LED lights emitted directly ( 4000K) And indirect ( 6500K) The white light. In different time, white light through a separate control of direct and indirect components distributed shed from the ceiling. In the morning and afternoon, high brightness of the lighting and indirect white light can inspire employees' working condition, and at noon and dusk, downy light warm color is in line with the natural biological rhythms, improve well-being and job performance. Adjustable white decorative Lightify Surface Light ceiling lamps by constantly adjusting the color temperature evenness of indoor lighting, such as in the morning ( 6500K) And in the afternoon ( 4000K) And in the evening ( 2700K) 。 The lamps and lanterns Lightify Pro via the button or manual control. Lunis wash wall lights will light reflection to the wall, form a vertical light. Meeting room, embedded RGBW ceiling lamp can pass Lightify Pro controller, according to the different work requirements and communication of wireless choose white or colored lights. About 'the right lighting' results 'health office' with new modern lighting configuration part of CBRE's office. The study found that the staff, 18% showed better working condition, 71% seem to be more energetic, 76% work more enjoyable, and 50% feel healthier. Moreover, the results of the survey recorded the exact period of 12%. Study began the first day of the new lighting for participants to feel very strange, don't even fit, but they soon fell in love with the new work environment, and willing to work in such an environment. Like previous survey, research shows that the office is actually an ecosystem, there are hundreds of different factors affect healthy or not. Human transformation of the work environment can lead to better job prospects for the employees, is also a wise business investment; By establishing a healthier office environment, because the disease can be avoided, job burnout and employees fluctuations of expensive cost. During the day, through a separate control of direct and indirect Arktika P Biolux component controller, crisp white even distribution of light on the ceiling. Conference room can be arbitrary transformation through wireless Lightify Pro controller white or colored lights.
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