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Huizhou Moso Electronics Corp. & Jiama Technology Co., Ltd. 2020 Concluded Outdoor Training Successfully.

Huizhou Moso Electronics Corp. & Jiama Technology Co., Ltd. 2020 Concluded Outdoor Training Successfully.


On August 15, 2020, two vigorous teams successively arrived at Dongshan Pearl Island, one starting from Huizhou, and the other from Shenzhen. Two combined into one, a huge team was born, in which with more than 200 people. That is also an official start of Huizhou Moso Electronics Corp.& Jama Technology Co., LTD.'s 2020 outdoor development training activities. The theme of the training is "Enhancing cohesion, blooming youth, reaping joy".


Group photo of the training


According to the arrangement of the outdoor exercises, all employees will receive all aspects of experiential outdoor training on this day. The training can improve employees’ awareness of their own potential and stimulate it, enhance team members’ cooperation strength and cohesion, enable people to have a better sense of understanding with each other, and improve work efficiency in the future.


The whole group is divided into 12 teams, the team member will work and cooperate together all day. The most interesting and challenging parts of the training are as following: Passion for 99 seconds, Dragon Boat Race, and Graduation wall.


Passion last 99 seconds

As the name implies, the corresponding project task is completed within 99 seconds. It is mainly composed of four group activities: changing the shape of the team, digital delivery, untie the bracelet, and passionate beat.


Dragon Boat Race

Dragon boat racing is one of the traditions of the Dragon Boat Festival in China, and it is also one of the modern water sports, that help test the unity and cooperation ability of the team. From the moment you set foot on the dragon boat, there was no individual anymore, but a whole team, the only mission is to cooperate and work together.


Graduation wall

The purpose of the training is to strengthen self-management and positioning ability, which need strong teamwork cohesion and self-motivation. 

Facing this 4.2-meter, dark green, smooth high wall, the daring Moso team did not back off. We have only one goal: to do everything possible to climb over this high wall and win. You can't use any tools, but build human ladders. There was no task assignment and no mandatory requirements.


More than a dozen teammates stand on the main ladder voluntarily, then someone climbed to the secondary ladder. Under the maintenance of the peripheral wall, the first teammate crossed the graduation wall. Immediately, the second and third ones... In front of this graduation wall, everyone has been moved, Everyone is led by the spirit of the team, forge ahead towards the same goal, use their best to support, push, climb, pull... When the last teammate stepped over the graduation wall, everyone cheered with excitement, tears of joy filled our eyes.

At the end of the day, all the teammate said it is a small trip with some difficulties, which can help us to understand each other much better and discover personal potential, it is also an expansion of a new thinking ability, that enables employees to achieve the duality of self-improvement and team awareness ultimately.

We believe, with the development of our team, our company will grow simultaneously.


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