How to use car charger car charger?

by:MOSO     2020-03-16
With the development of automobile industry, car charger is widely used, presents the versatility, portability, and the characteristics of fashion. And in the popularity of digital products case, suffered more and more people & other; No electricity & throughout; Annoyance. Comply with the demand of the market, there are various types of mobile power supply, car charger and so on. This gives people a lot of convenience. But there will be some problem with this, especially we pay close attention to safety hidden trouble. How do you use the car charger? This is a very important problem. Below to focus on this aspect of knowledge, you must know to car charger plug is cigarette lighter type, found in the car cigarette lighter, plugged into the car cigarette lighter plug, and then the other end connected to charge your mobile phone or other digital device. To give the corresponding charging equipment, we must pay attention to the time after the car engine starting, can put the charger for equipment use oh! Otherwise, when the car ignition car battery voltage will affect the charging effect, and the damage to the car charger. Step one, the cigarette lighter in the car cigarette lighter, insert the USB plug, via a standard USB output dc voltage. Step two, check your current electronics, point pressure electronic design parameters, such as full compliance with product specifications. Step three, use environment using appropriate temperature of 0 - 45 ℃ to stay away from children and avoid lightning, filling the electricity to pull the plug, in time for a long time to access will cause damage to electronic products. Step four, plug in USB cable can access to mobile phone power supply charging small PSp MP3 speakers and other electronic products. Step five, the safe hidden trouble to buy quality goods inferior products easily happened. Car charger is straight and charger. Can choose to buy charger, namely down to recharge the battery, avoid the vehicle power supply is not stable, reduce the loss. Shenzhen power adapter factory here special remind you about the car charger, and the following considerations: must be in the car engine starting to charge. And don't use the car charger in the humid environment. Don't put the car charger stored in damp environment. The right temperature is 0 - use 45℃。 Pay special attention to stay away from the children. To avoid lightning strike. Is the most important of all to pull out the plug in a timely manner. For security reasons, must choose normal brand and buy the real thing, inferior products easily happened safe hidden trouble. Car charger is straight and charger. Can choose to buy charger, namely down to recharge the battery, avoid the vehicle power supply is not stable, high voltage output peak tu burned phenomenon, your mobile phone to burn is battery, reduce the loss.
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