How to select qualified LED light

by:MOSO     2020-03-11
Appliances and is electronic ballasts guangdong well-known enterprises, is also qualified LED light manufacturer, in talking to customers, many customers will not identify qualified adjustable light products and fake products, the following is to introduce how to discern simply by our qualified adjustable light: 1, in the process of the dimmer can't there is sound, change to adjust speed, speed changes repeatedly in 0 to maximum brightness control several times, listen to have driven the noise in the process. Good drivers should not drive the noise of the voice. 2, when transferred to the minimum brightness or close to the minimum brightness, the performance of the drive. In general, transferred to the brightness lowest default is not illuminated. However, some do not so good drive still there will be a power output can make the lamp light. And there are many cases, if the driver could have done better, in the case of low intensity light is flashing ( Than the stroboscopic obviously like energy-saving lamps broken flashing) 。 Do a good driver should not have these problems. The temperature rise of 3, under low light driver. Keep the brightness as far as possible, the point in a couple of hours, with the hand touch drive shell, not hot. Then turn knob repeat this process to the middle position, see if there are hot. Is a professional LED light manufacturer and electronic ballast manufacturers, we can according to customer requirements and the actual use of the environment, customized products and provide integrated solutions for customers, for the general customers to provide quality and efficient products. We look forward to cooperate with customers and friends from all over the world hand in hand, create brilliance. Service hotline: website: ali website, https://
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