How to choose the electronic ballast?

by:MOSO     2020-03-13
On the market, full of beautiful things in eyes of electronic ballasts, how to identify the electronic ballast is good or bad? 10 years power electronic ballast manufacturers - — Electric appliances, solve for you. In the face of many on the market of electronic ballasts, how should choose? You can consider from the following three aspects. 1. The content is complete the signs on the electronic ballast. Need to have the Chinese name of the manufacturer or seller; Rated supply voltage and frequency; With the specifications of the lamp, power and number of tube; Wiring diagram; Cross-sectional area of the terminal connection wire; Tc value ( The highest temperature shell) ; U - The OUT value ( Output the highest operating voltage) ; Numerical and CCC authentication marks (power factor Should have corresponding enterprise certification number) 。 2. Electronic ballast tc value standard to high, it can show strong resistance to high temperature environment, tc 65 ℃ or more commonly, when tc 70 ℃ or above belongs to the good quality goods. 3. U - of electronic ballasts The OUT value ( Output the highest operating voltage) Marker should have the right to cooperate with T8 36 w and the following specifications and the following specification lamp electronic ballasts, T5 24 w U - 300V≤OUT。 For T5 28 w, 35 w T5 lamp and T8 lamp electronic ballasts, 58 w U - The OUT value should be between 300 v and 450 v. Appliances dedicated electronic ballast, 10 years experience in special lighting development, LED light, professional to provide custom service electronic ballasts. To the company's website http:/// for more, hotline: guidance: welcome to the factory.
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