How to choose a suitable for their own use of DALI dimming control system

by:MOSO     2020-03-07
How to choose a suitable for their own use of DALI system our company is one specialized is engaged in the smart terminal manufacturing sales control system, intelligent building lighting lighting control system to provide a full range of consultancy services and solutions company, over the years our company has been committed to research and development of intelligent control system for the Internet of things and DALI intelligent lighting control system and other related products, we provide kinds of DALI control system for your choice, if you want to control 64 lights, 640 lights, 6400 lights, 64000 lamp, we can provide you with the corresponding DALI control system. Below can according to your request, can choose the corresponding products: if you just want to Simple test lamps and lanterns of DALI's turn on the light, turn off the lights, dimmer function, you can use the DALI Simple system, conform to the requirement and the economy, like 0/1 - could be reached 10 v mode control, can control up to 64 light at the same time. http://www。 szyuanhao。 com/product/392。 HTML if you need to connect the computer development, debugging, testing DALI dimming power supply and other products, or DALI product engineering maintenance, etc. , Suggestions can take DALI Tools system, directly with the PC software, USB or RS232 to connect the computer interface, can control up to 64 lights. http://www。 szyuanhao。 com/product/395。 HTML if you are a project application, or if you want to local control the number of more lights, or are the sites of automatic light control ( Such as gymnasium, tunnels, parking lot. 。 。 。 。 。 。 ) Here, you can choose EasyDALI system, form a complete set of PC software interface more intuitive, with functions of extension controller through the RS485 network, also may indirectly group of GPRS remote control function, control the number of up to more than 10000 lights. More powerful, more stable. Meets the requirements and economy, the main control: http://www. szyuanhao。 com/product/399。 HtmlEasyDALI software: http://www. szyuanhao。 com/product/398。 HTML extension controller: http://www. szyuanhao。 com/product/401。 HTML way if you want to use the Ethernet connection of computer, and can realize mobile phone APP control, SmartDALI system suitable for your requirements, application engineering group, DALI, dimming the largest flagship system across the bus control, a key scene, set free follow one's inclinations, form a complete set with PC software, Android and Android mobile phone software, support manager and DALI controller extension and SmartBus via Ethernet network, to control the amount of light can reach more than 100000 lights. http://www。 szyuanhao。 com/product/409。 HTML if you just want to through the smartphone/tablet control Dali lighting, Suggestions can choose Dali Link system, equipped with apps directly, through the wifi signal control Dali lighting, each controller can control up to 64 lights, and support up to four controller through wifi network, which can control a maximum of 256 a Dali lighting. http://www。 szyuanhao。 com/product/402。 HTML if you are a project application or want to use Ethernet remote control lights, can choose to DALI Pro system, form a complete set of software interface is more intuitive, and supports up to 8 computer controller via Ethernet network, also have chy-tech cross bus control function, which can control a maximum of 512 a DALI lighting. http://www。 szyuanhao。 com/product/406。 html
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