How much do you know about the intelligent illumination of those things?

by:MOSO     2020-03-07
The case everyone not unfamiliar, and intelligent lighting control can perfectly solve the above problem. We can preset sleep time, sleep after the lights will turn dark, gradually will also close to leave a night light, can also according to the surrounding environment automatic judgment, adjust the light shade of each area. What is a smart lighting? Intelligent lighting refers to the use of computer, wireless data transmission, intelligent power carrier spread spectrum communication technology, computer information processing and energy-saving electric control technology of distributed wireless telemetry, remote control, DALI dimming system. With the strength of the light brightness adjustment, light soft start, timing control, setting, etc; And to the expected characteristics. Intelligent PK general illumination of the traditional household lighting, though very practical, but a key one way too old mechanical electric lights lighting, master every time in and out of the room must be key to switch, because often forget to turn off the lights and a waste of electricity, let a person chagrin. In addition, since there is no function of remote control, the room is larger, the more inconvenient to use traditional lighting, this trend with live convenient life. General lighting, by contrast, the lights of the smart home control system of the obvious advantages, can achieve the purpose of safe, energy-saving, comfortable and efficient. DALI intelligent lighting can according to the function of a certain area, different time every day, outdoor brightness or use of the region to automatic lighting control, such as the distance a few minutes before you set up time, the system will control your light intensity will gradually began to increase, your brain will be light stimulation, gradually, triggering cycle of your body to get up. When the intensity of light reach maximum you will remind you get up don't need an alarm clock. This is stimulus by nature, get up a natural and effective process. Compared to the traditional intelligent lighting can also be preset, has set the lighting intensity into a series of functions, intelligent sensor induction lights, lamp intelligent scene, intelligent remote lighting control implementation effect is also very diverse. And there are a variety of patterns to choose from, when you go to work from home, can choose the 'home' mode, dial the phone, master home lights were closed, and the pattern of 'viewing' after the meal, the droplight closed, wall lamp, TV broadcast. In addition lighting system and power outages self-locking function, namely when the power went out in the home, call after all the lights will remain out of state. The advantage of intelligent lighting 1) Intelligent control is simpler; 2) Improve the management level, reduce maintenance costs; 3) Significant energy saving effect; 4) Protect the lamps and lanterns, prolong life; 5) To improve the display environment, improve the effect of display; 6) The installation is convenient, save the cable; 7) Use safety, and fire control linkage system.
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